Brother of My

Jonghyun and Key are in love, but they are brothers. Will their families accept them? Will their band members accept them? Can they survive society? Yes they can because this is a romantic comedy/fluff with happy ending.


6. Never let go

Taemin and Minho got home from school and they check their home to see if their parents were home, but they weren't. Before Taemin can see what was coming Minho picked him up and took him to his bed. Minho got on top of Taemin and attack his neck with a wet kiss. Taemin moan louder with every touches Minho give him.

Minho kisses Taemin neck and when down to Taemin nipples. He took one of Taemin nipple into his mouth and suck on the right nipple. "Mm..." Taemin moan a little as he bit his lower lip. "Come on Tae moan for me? Let me hear your moan please" Minho whisper into Taemin ear nipping at his earlobe. "Just give in" said Minho making Taemin moan loud and long when Minho when back to sucking on his nipples.

"Ahh Minho can you suck me" Taemin said in between moans. "Sure! I will love to hear you scream". Minho took his time teasing Taemin as he nipped a trace of wet kisses from Taemin nipple to his thigh. He spread Taemin legs wide as he could enjoying the view.

"So beautiful" Minho said licking the top for Taemin member making his go crazy "ahhh... Minho mmhm ah suck me please ahh" he moan. Minho didn't listen he just kept teasing him. "MINHO" Taemin yell then he continued "IF YOU DON'T SUCK ME RIGHT NOW I WILL NEVER LET YOU FUCK ME AGAIN" Taemin tell his sentence making Minho shiver and then smirk.

"Hey babe no need to get so feisty, I'm just teasing" he said "you would be doing anything if you don't suck me" Taemin said. "Ok I give in" said Minho taking all of Taemin length into his mouth. Minho sucked hard on Taemin member making him moan "ahhh fuck ahh Minho Minho harder...I'm going to cum" Minho let go of Taemin member with a sudden pop. 

"Oh no you want" Minho said. "Haha you should have seen your face" Taemin said smirking evilly, "don't worry Minho I won't cum until you fuck me". Minho groan a little he also love it when Taemin curses. "Taemin can you ride me?" He asked, "awe no need to asked Minho already ahead of you" Taemin said and before Minho could tell what was going on Taemin was on top of him.

"I'm going to keep my promise Minho. I'm going to ride you all the time to heaven" he said Taemin smiling. "Can't wait" Minho said jokingly. 

Taemin turned a a little bit and took the lube from Minho bedside and give it to Minho. Minho took the lube and put some on his fingers and insert one of it inside Taemin making him groan a little. As time passes he started moving his hips on Minho finger so he need second...third fingers into Taemin. Minho pulled his fingers almost out of Taemin and slam it back into Taemin making him moan out loud.

"Ahhhhh" Taemin moan fucking himself on Minho fingers. He lead in close to Minho ear and said "put you cock into me Minho I want to ride you hard until you cum inside me and I will cum too. But that won't stop there because I will ride you until you come again inside me" after his big speech Minho was moan under Taemin. "On Tae can I take you now?" Minho asked and Taemin reply with a "yes" as he moan into Minho ear.

Minho took his fingers out of Taemin and inserted his member into his hole. He waits few minutes before moving in deeper making Taemin go crazy. As Minho when deeper into Taemin he felt Taemin ass clenched around his cock bring a moan out of Minho himself.

"Fuck Taemin ahh you're so tight" moan Minho who was balls deep into Taemin who was screaming from the pleasure. "Taemin please move you're killing me here" said Minho. Taemin slowly at first rock his hips on Minho cock making it go deeper inside him.  Slowly the piss picked up and Taemin was slamming on Minho cock making Minho go crazy with him.

Taemin beaded downward and kisses Minho. Minho kisses him back hard as he put his hands on each side of Taemin ass and push down the same time Taemin move his hips. Taemin give up control to Minho. "Minho ahh I...I change my mind I want to to fuck me hard and ahh I want you to take control". "With pleasure" Minho reply flipping in to his back as his member was still in him. Minho took Taemin legs and put them behind his back and drove deeper into Taemin.

"Ahhh... Harder...faster ahhh" Taemin moan loud and long throwing his head backward in to the pillow. "Yeah harder... Fuck me" Taemin continued to moan with pleasure. "Oh Taemin babe. Ah you're so tight I don't think I can make it. I'm going to come" Minho moan into Taemin ear as he nipped on his earlobe. "Come ahh...come inside me Minho I want...I ahh want all of you" Taemin said.

One, two, three, four thrust Into Taemin hitting his prostrate right on not missing it. "Mine" Minho moaned into Taemin ear. Yours" Taemin said to Minho. Soon enough they both came moaning each other name. Taemin cum in Minho stomach and Minho cum into him. 

"I love you so much Taemin and I don't care if we are brothers. You're mine" Minho said possessively still inside Taemin. "I love you too Minho" Taemin replied. No long they both fell away with Minho member still buried into Taemin.

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