Brother of My

Jonghyun and Key are in love, but they are brothers. Will their families accept them? Will their band members accept them? Can they survive society? Yes they can because this is a romantic comedy/fluff with happy ending.


4. Let's talk about sex babe

Woogyu POV (from author pov)

When Woohyun and Sungyu got to history class, Woohyun suggest they sat in the back of the class. Fifteen minutes into class Woohyun started touching Sungyu who pay no mind to him. But things got worse when Woohyun touch the front of his pants ribbing his member that was still in his pants (for now).

Woohyun open Sungyu zipper to his pants and started stroking his raw member.

"What do you think you are doing?" Asked Sungyu. "Hmm giving you a massage" Woohyun smirk, "yeah I can see that but why my d**k? You pervert" said Sungyu.

"You're lucky I wanted to do more" Woohyun said smugly, "but we can go to the bathroom it you want-" he started but Sungyu cut his off "what in it for?" Sungyu asked hopefully.

"Well how about no morning sex for a week?" Woohyun bargain " deal if it's two weeks?" Said Sungyu and Woohyun nodded.

"Ok after class then".

Notes( I'm going to come back to Woogyu but first 2min)

2min POV (author POV)

Minho and Taemin enter English class and for some reason Taemin ended up on Minho lap.

"Mm Taemin and Minho? Do you guys really have to seat like that?" Their teacher asked. "Yes" Minho said slapping Taemin butt a little. "Ok but just pay attention".

Five minutes into class Taemin started rocking his hips into Minho. As every second passes his hips pick up speed. And Minho too was not in a good situation too himself because he too was getting hard by how Taemin was moving his hips.

"Taemin? This isn't helping" Minho said, "but how I am hard what am I going to do?" Taemin said sadly.

"Well...Little pervert how about after school we finish this? Huh?" Minho said gently stroking Taemin face. "Sure but I will be in control this time, and I'm going to ride you until you can't move and you are going to come in me".

Taemin said smugly by the why Minho face turned red in few seconds. Taemim looked around no one was watching so he kissed Minho and got off his lap but smirk when he was that Minho was rock hard in his pants.

"Don't worry Minho we have all day for plan out for you and your little guy over their".


When class was over Woohyun and Sungyu when to the bathroom to finish what they started. Woohyun push Sungyu against the wall and roughly kisses him as soon as they enter the bathroom.

"Ahhh Woohyun...ahh" Sungyu moan loudly. "That's it babe I want to hear you moan" said Woohyun kissing and licking down to Sungyu neck. " Woohyun?" Sungyu moan out biting his bottom lip.

"Yes Sungyu?" Woohyun asked, Sungyu continued between moan, "can you mm...ahh...fuck me...ahh". "With pleasure"

Woohyun take Sungyu in one of the bathroom and seat down on the close tartly. He summon Sungyu over to sat on his lap. They kissed and lick at each other until Sungyu felt a finger in his ass and moan"

Woohyun took his finger out and Sungyu groan in protest. "Don't stop please" he asked. "Oh trust me I won't" Woohyun said and put two fingers in Sungyu after he took Sungyu pants of. Sooner all later he added three and four and started scissoring Sungyu who started rocking on Woohyun fingers.

By this time Sungyu member started leaking percum so did Woohyun member. "Woohyun can you stop teasing and fuck me already. You don't want someone to come in here and see us do you?" Asked Sungyu.

Woohyun only nodded no and position his member as Sungyu hole and thrust in slowly trying not to break the skin. He was supprise that Sungyu took him like this.

As Woohyun thrust and thrust into Sungyu he started to speed up harder until he hit something making Sungyu moan louder then before. "Ahhhh...there.... Ahhhh harder harder ahh" Sungyu started moaning crazily.

"Sungyu?" Woohyun called him but the only reply he got was a moan, so he continued "I love it when you are being a slut and taking my big cock up you ass making you scream when I hit you prostate". He said licking Sungyu neck making Sungyu shiver.

"I love it when you call me that...ahh... I love you Woohyun...Ahhh please don't leave me" "never" said Woohyun and that all it takes for Sungyu to come all over their stomachs. Woohyun thrusted into his harder and faster He came inside of Sungyu.

He kissed Sungyu and whisper "I love you" he his ear. And kisses him hard as his cock was still inside Sungyu.




I am sorry at the sex scene as you can see I am terrible at it mane next time I will use my "imagination" on 2min.

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