Brother of My

Jonghyun and Key are in love, but they are brothers. Will their families accept them? Will their band members accept them? Can they survive society? Yes they can because this is a romantic comedy/fluff with happy ending.


5. Do you smell that?

After Woohyun and Sungyu sex in the bathroom they headed to lunch where their friends was waiting for them. Sungyu was blushing and Woohyun just had on his unusual smirky grin on his face.

"What happened guys? You're late" asked Jonghyun who already know the answer because he can smell cum on them, but he was just asking to see if his friend will tell him or not. "Oh! That we were~hmm busy" Woohyun said and Jonghyun says "yeah sure".

"Do you smell that?" Key asked all his friends. "Smell what Key?" Asked Taemin, "cum" he said. 5...4...3...2...1 "oh my god. You guys had sex? Where? No don't tell in the bathroom, mind blowing" Key over reacting as in being a drama queen.

"Yes" Sungyu said bright red from his statement.

"Hmm ok guys I get you point can we eat now" Woohyun said grinning.




I know this is short but I just wanted to tell you what happened next before I tell you about 2min after school "plan". Yes I'm going to use my imagination a lot. 

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