My Bf Luke

Luke and I were sitting on the couch and I snook a picture of him on snapchat. I captioned it "hanging with my bf Luke💜" and sent it to Kayla I got and immediate reply "I'm not falling for that again" she said "Hey Luke?" I asked secretly taking a video "Ya babe?" He said "Will you kiss me?" I asked "Yes of course baby" he said as he leaned in. He kissed me


5. chapter 4

I woke up and took a shower. When I got out I put on my clothes for the concert. Then I brushed my hair and did everything else. I did my makeup and did light mascara and put on a lot of highlighter. The stadium was 5 minutes away from my house so I waited and watched movies all day till it was time to leave. I was watching I am legend when I got a text from Michael.

M: hey can u come to the stadium early?

D: how early

M: now?

D: sure...?

M: k see u there bye

I grabbed my tickets and got into my car and drove to the stadium. I walked into the front doors and looked around.

I texted Michael to let him know I'm here

D: hey I'm here I just walked into the front doors.

There was no response.


All of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind. I screamed and jumped. I turned around and there was Michael.

"WHY" I screamed

"HAHAHAHAH THAT WAS GREAT" Michael said, "OK the boys are right through this door"

I was about to walk in but mikey stopped me.

"Wait you gotta have a great introduction" he said and he slightly opened the door, "and now who we've all been waiting for... Literally Miss DEVYN"

He opened the door and I walked in.

"Hey Devyn!" Calum said like a girl

"Hey cal, hey Luke, hey Ashton, hey again Michael... HEY EVERYBODY!" I said, "ha haha oh I'm trash"

"It's ok so am I" Ashton said revealing his 5sos world tour shirt.

"Here come sit" Luke said and patted the seat next to him

I blushed and sat down.

"Awe she's blushing. JUST DATE ALREADY FUCK" Michael screamed.

"Shut the fuck up" Luke said

"Oh come on bro don't play that shit. You've talked about her all day and..." Ashton started to say but Luke chucked a pillow at his face

"HEY" Ashton screamed

Luke was blushing mad hard.

"Dude just ask her out for fuck sake" Calum said

"He's too much of a pussy to do it" Michael said laughing

"Oh really, Devyn do you want to go out with me?" Luke said staring into my eyes

"Of course... I... I mean yes." I said

"Finally. So do you want to go to sound check with us?" Michael asked

"Yeah I have tickets to go" I said

"No I meant come on stage and maybe answer some questions" mikey said

"Oh.. Um sure yeah" I said

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