My Bf Luke

Luke and I were sitting on the couch and I snook a picture of him on snapchat. I captioned it "hanging with my bf Luke💜" and sent it to Kayla I got and immediate reply "I'm not falling for that again" she said "Hey Luke?" I asked secretly taking a video "Ya babe?" He said "Will you kiss me?" I asked "Yes of course baby" he said as he leaned in. He kissed me


4. chapter 3

I went home from the pizza place and made a contact for Michael. It was pretty late so I went and took a shower. While I was in the shower I kept hearing my phone buzz. When I got out I picked up my phone and checked. There were 5 notifications on Instagram: Michaelclifford followed you, Lukehemmings followed you, Ashtonirwin followed you, Calumhood followed you, 5sos followed you. They followed me on Twitter too. I decided to text Michael.

D: hey this is Devyn. I just noticed you all followed me. Thanks :)

M: no problem but how did u not notice? What were you doing?

D: I was just in the shower

M: oh😏 just kidding I'll stop

D: oh Michael

M: so are you able to FaceTime the boys would like to meet you

D: can u call me in five minutes?

M: yeah sure

I rushed to my bedroom and put on pajamas and put my hair up in a quick messy bun. My phone went off and I picked it up.

"Hey Michael" I said

"Hey... ASHTON CALUM LUKE COME HERE" Michael screamed

"Whaaaat?" Ashton said

"Devyns on FaceTime come meet her"

Suddenly I saw them all trying to squish into the camera. I couldn't help it so I started laughing.

"You must be Devyn" Luke said

"Yeah.. Hi" I said blushing

"I'm Calum" Calum said

"Calum she probably knows who you are" Ashton said

"Yeah I know who you all are... Not in a creepy way but you know" I said

"Aw she's nervous" Michael said

"How would u know mate?" Luke said

"Usually people stutter or ramble when they're nervous" Michael said

"Wow thanks mikey. But yes I'm nervous because I never thought I'd actually ever talk to you guys" I said

"You look familiar. Have we met before?" Luke said

"Uhh no but last year at rowyso I was front row in your section" I said

"That's probably it. Your pretty.. I mean your voice... Your voice is pretty" he said blushing

"Thanks Luke" I said blushing also

"Aww they love eachother already" Ashton said giggling

"Shut the fuck up" Luke said

"So we heard your going to be at the show tomorrow" Calum said

"Yeah I'll be in front row again.. In Luke's section.. Again" I said

"Oh we'll be sure to look for you. Hold on as I take a mental picture of you" Calum said

"Well I know there's a million screaming girls there but I'll wave to u if anyone comes near me" I said

"And I'll try to find you at the end of the show and give u my drumstick and maybe if I can I'll bring you backstage so you can properly meet us" Ashton said

We talked for a little while longer them we decided we should probably get some sleep. I am so ready for tomorrow.

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