My Bf Luke

Luke and I were sitting on the couch and I snook a picture of him on snapchat. I captioned it "hanging with my bf Luke💜" and sent it to Kayla I got and immediate reply "I'm not falling for that again" she said "Hey Luke?" I asked secretly taking a video "Ya babe?" He said "Will you kiss me?" I asked "Yes of course baby" he said as he leaned in. He kissed me


3. chapter 2

We arrived in the pizza place and ordered our pizza.

"We'll take a large pepperoni pizza please" kayla said

"Why large?" I asked

"Trust me we'll eat it all" she said

We sat down when all of a sudden I saw a dude with red hair walk in. It was Michael Clifford from 5sos.

"Oh my god! Kayla! Do u know who that is?!" I asked

"Uh a dude who loves pizza?" She asked

"No! Well wait, yes! But that's Michael Clifford!" I said almost jumping out of my seat

"Am I suppose to know who that is?" She said

"From 5 seconds of summer.... He's the lead guitarist" I said

"Ohh yeah, you should go talk to him"

"But I don't want to swarm him"

He got 2 boxes of pizza to go and before he walked out I decided to say something.

"Hey Michael"

"Uh... Hi... Do I know you?"

"No I'm just another fan in the crowd"

"Oh you look very famili... Wait! Don't u make YouTube covers aren't you Devyn?"


"Yeah I watched your video. I love your voice. Are you coming to our show tomorrow?"

"Yeah I'm front row in Luke's section"

"Well hopefully I'll see you. Here's my number. I showed the boys your cover. They also love your voice and would probably like to meet you"

"Thanks Mikey!"

"Well I better go, this pizza isn't gonna eat itself... That's sounds wrong"

"Bye" I said as he walked out the door

I can't believe I just met Michael Clifford, and he gave me his number!

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