My life story

This is the full true life story of me. Not much I can say about my story other that. I hope you guys all enjoy my life.


2. My awkward kindergarten year

     So, my kindergarten year was pretty awkward due to the many weird things I did. The other things were my friends and teacher that made it weird. We were allowed to play dress up and many other activities kids that age enjoyed. My personal favorite at the time was dress up.


     I was always Batman and my friend Jacob was always the joker. It was always fun. But one thing is always sticking out at me for a specific reason. I had to dress as a bride with a dress and a wig. No idea why I did it, but it happened. Can't change it now. That was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.


     Another activity was nap time. My 2nd favorite activity. Sleeping was always a peaceful thing at school. I had a mat my parents bought me and my Marvel superhero blanket that I still have as a memory. Everyone else in the class was always stuck sharing blankets. Best. Sleep. Ever.


     Now my friends in kindergarten were connected in one way. It's embarrassing to say this, but we all played... Pokemon! It was when the card game was cool. Not like now with the Pokemon Go trend. We always played together during play time. Now my closest friend in this grade was Aubrey. She was, and still is, a tom-boy. We are still close friends. She was the coolest person in the world at that time because of her huge Pokemon collection.


     Finally we get to my weirdest teacher ever. Her name was Mrs. julius. She was a really nice teacher and she let us do so many more cool things than a lot of the other teachers did. Not only did she do that, she was a great influence on all the students and teachers. She always brought everyone together and helped you make friends no matter what. She was my favorite teacher at the time.


Hey again. If anyone actually reads this far, wow. My life must be interesting. Or you guys are my friends and like to know more about me. And just a quick side note, I will be adding more about my summers to. But at that time, my summers were pretty boring.

Signed or typed (Whatever I should say),


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