Sticks and Stones

"By the end of this book you are going to hate me.

Scratch that - By the end of this blurb you will sincerely hate me."


Akilah Ackerman and Asami Akuhei are step-sisters.

Both share dark pasts and both have created dark futures for themselves.

One is suffering from a mental illness and one is a manipulative back-stabber.

One is trying to gain approval from the living, while the other is trying to gain approval from the dead.

One is Psychologically Efficient whilst the other is trying to keep themselves sane.

One is about to rule an entire nation and one is going to lose that and their history.

This is no ordinary story about sibling rivalry...


1. Prologue

By the end of this book you are going to hate me.

Scratch that - By the end of this first chapter, you will sincerely hate me.

The thing about human beings is simply their our inability to accept what we cannot see. Our linear and inexperienced minds wish to establish everything about another person by the often very short time spent with them. From that moment onwards we assess every situation where that person has situated themselves in; we process every action, every sentence spoken and compare it to our first experience with them- subconsciously wishing to prove ourselves correct by that initial thought on the person in question. You all may think this is ludicrous, you may even agree with me- I quite honestly don't care.

One truth I have discovered upon studying people ,in general,is the simple fact that every being has two faces and a mask. The face they show to strangers, the face they show their family, friends, lovers and finally the mask they wear to themselves that hides their true nature (or better yet display it) and the funniest thing - they aren't even aware of it.

I ,my friend am one of the very few who understand this fact and embraces it. I for one accepted a long time ago that I am far too gone to be accepted in this society. There simply is too little time to find your true self or discover the meaning of life - I should know.

The problem with trying to gain approval from the dead is simple. They will never be satisfied. Of course not - they are dead and you are not and that is where the absurdity of this statement lies. The dead don't have any say in the outcome of your timeline yet for some reason they can end up deciding bits of your life- I should know.

Maybe right now, there is really nothing that I have said that would give you any reason to dislike me at all, I am assuming that part of you pities me - I don't care.

But do me a favour, in reading this I want you to answer me this,

What defines a good person?

A/N: Written in the POV of one of the characters. My question to you as you go through the story, who?

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