Sticks and Stones

"By the end of this book you are going to hate me.

Scratch that - By the end of this blurb you will sincerely hate me."


Akilah Ackerman and Asami Akuhei are step-sisters.

Both share dark pasts and both have created dark futures for themselves.

One is suffering from a mental illness and one is a manipulative back-stabber.

One is trying to gain approval from the living, while the other is trying to gain approval from the dead.

One is Psychologically Efficient whilst the other is trying to keep themselves sane.

One is about to rule an entire nation and one is going to lose that and their history.

This is no ordinary story about sibling rivalry...


2. Part 1- House of Lies

Hey guys!

Welcome to my debut story entitled 'Sticks and Stones'!  So as stated in my story's blurb, this is mainly a psychological thriller with some additional cyberpunk themes (and surprises to come) This is a world that I have been planning for months before actually putting anything down to paper and I want to make it as engaging of a read as possible,  so feel free to let me know in the comments your thoughts on the story,  it's characters etc - please give me honest and helpful feedback as I would sincerely like to grow and develop as a writer. Also if you have any theories on what you think is going on, it's some I always enjoy reading ;)

Thank you very much for reading my story and I hope you enjoy it!

P.S- Just curious,  what is one book that you could read over and over again? Mine is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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