Revilo Ronaele

The small Kingdom of Revilo Ronaele is a place of tranquility and safety, the people are happy, but they haven't always been like that. The residents had to flea from their war-torn home of Thorpeness-Hythe, whilst searching for a place of safety the people elect a cloth merchant and his wife as their King and Queen. Together they set up home on a deserted part of the world no one has ever been to before. It is here the King and Queen create a perfect world for their people to live in, in peace and harmony.
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5. Becomes A Reality

The Kingdom of Revilo Ronaele is one of great power and tranquillity, though it has not always been like that, the King and Queen suffered much hardship to achieve what they have done now, they built themselves a home where they could raise their four children and construct an empire where their people could be safe. Having fled from the dangers they were exposed all had to flee from back in their war torn home lands.

Revilo Ronaele is divided into four sub countries, each ruled by one of Oliver and Eleanor’s children, Duchess Charlotte of Ellechester, Duke Benjamin of Oz, Duchess Matilda of Ebbieo and the heir to the throne, Duke Philip of Oiland. The capital city, Elinver, is home to the King and Queen.

Their journey has been one with much hardship but they are safe from the horrors of war and that is all that matters.   

In Thorpeness-Hythe the religion is very strict, everyone is born into the same Church, their King Alfred sits as the Supreme Leader of the Royal Church of Thorpeness-Hythe. The religion is one that favours the rich and abandons the poor, arguably those who need religion the most in their lives. Whilst living in Thorpeness-Hythe all children were taught of the wonders that the Church can offer them if they gave their lives to God. The concept of the religion is one that is close to many hearts. To worship, it is very simple, regular sacrifices should be made to the earthly leader of the Church, as he is naturally so heavenly; he is close to God, so he may pass on the sacrifices to God himself. The rich were constantly giving vast amounts of food, money and their children to the Church to please both their God and King, the poor gave what they could, small amounts of food, the odd penny when times were good, though most commonly they would give the only thing they could spare, their children.

To give you child into the care of the Church was seen as an honour in the upper classes as it meant your son or daughter would be close to both God and his earthly spirit in the form of the King. Whereas in the lower classes giving your child to the Church was seen as a sign you were in desperate times. Even the food one child eats can affect an entire family. As a poor person, the last thing you wanted to do was to send one of your own off into the care of some rich man and his family. Tragically, when a poor young girl or boy was given to the Church they usually ended up as slaves, serving the rich and powerful until they day they died. If you saved up enough money, it was possible to buy your child out of the Church, but many slave children worked for the rich until they were old and frail.

In Revilo Ronaele that was not the case. King Oliver was still keen on having a religion but he did not want to pressurise his people into sharing his beliefs. As a wise man he knew it was not possible for every man to think the same way and believe the same thing, so he decided they would be no set religion his people had to follow. If they believed in the Royal Church of Thorpeness-Hythe, they could attend a service led by a holy man of God, or if they followed the religion of Bebraism, the religion of Bebra, they were free to attend their weekly worships. However his people needn’t ever feel obliged to worship any religion, as long as they were respectful of all beliefs.   

It may surprise all to note that both people from Thorpeness-Hythe and Bebra live so harmoniously together in the Kingdom of Revilo Ronaele. The war has destroyed many lives, but be assured that they have not all been lives of the Thorpeness-Hythe people, the Kingdom of Bebra has also suffered greatly, refugees from both Kingdoms have sort refuge in the neutral Kingdom. Though the King and Queen were a little sceptical at first they decided they must set the example and learn to accept that those from Bebra are not all criminals.

At first there were a few minor complications, the people from Thorpeness-Hythe thought the people from Bebra was all barbarians, and vice versa, the different sides were so set in their ways that they were almost not prepared to set aside their differences and come together. However, thankfully they saw sense and realised that it was their hate for war that united them.

Another problem was the language barrier; the people of Thorpeness-Hythe thought the Bebra people should learn their native language as the new King and Queen were of Thorpeness-Hythe decent whereas the people of Bebra thought everyone should speak their own language. In the end they settled for a mixture of the two languages, it was to be known as “English” the “Eng” came from the Thorpie (the language of the Thorpeness-Hythe people) it meant “United” and the “Lish” from the Bebra for “Together”    

The way of dressing has been traditional for hundreds of years, across the globe the fashion was mostly the same, and the rich classes would lavish themselves in fine silks and cottons whilst the poor would wear whatever they could make.

Though throughout the world the woman always wore long skirts or dresses, it was almost scandalous for a woman to be seen in trousers or, God forbid, a dress above the ankles, even little girls playing in the streets were covered respectably.

The attitude towards woman was very much that they are the weaker sex, they were seen as their Father’s responsibility, which is why having to give you daughter up to the Church was such a shameful thing for poor men as it meant their daughters would have to serve another family. When men thought their daughters should be at home serving their own families. It was until a young girl’s wedding day that she belonged to her Father, and upon her day of becoming a bride the responsibility would then shift onto her husband and his family to care for her and provide her with what she needed. It was also the duty of the husband to provide for the child.

Having a child out of marriage was a rare and disgraceful act; no woman would ever be looked at respectfully again if she fell pregnant with no husband to care for her and her baby. Tragically when that happened the duty of care would fall into the lap of the Church who would keep the Mother segregated from the rest of the community until she gave birth to the child, the Mother was then turned out onto the streets, as she often would have no home to go to, and the baby would be raised as a slave to the rich.

However that was in Thorpeness-Hythe and the standard of living in Revilo Ronaele is very high, the Queen is very keen on education for all, she especially is fascinated with the idea of a woman’s education, she preaches that every single one of her subjects, no matter how rich or poor they are deserve to be fully educated. Every single child is taught how to read, write and perform math sums whilst at school, there are free schools available to everyone across the Kingdom, however in the different sub countries there is the option for education to be provided privately, though private education is not available in all of the sub countries.

Once all children have finished their schooling they may then be taught specific trade skills, normally a son would go into the same line of work as his Father was in. But it was now more acceptable for a boy to say he wanted to go further in his education and become something different. Though women’s education was not quite as the high standard the Queen longed for, it was still miles in advance than their old home where most girls would never see inside of a classroom in their lives.

There are many problems the young King and Queen still need to sort but they are trying desperately hard to make their Kingdom a better place for their people to live in. One day they dream of having a perfectly safe and tranquil place to raise their family and built a nation of happiness.  

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