Design Of Pain


1. Chapter One

  Nora Thatcher was always the type to suppress her emotions to focus on the task at hand, even if it had unpleasant long term effect in the future. Yet all she showed was a facade of bravery, because, she needed to show the people around her that she was put together. She has gotten the experience of covering up her emotions behind her facade because she served in a war, a war that almost cost her sanity and her life. 


   However, this..... this wasn't the war I was still trying to recover from.... this wasn't going against enemies and traitors, putting my life on the line to keep everyone she cared about safe. This was watching someone I loved, someone I had made sure that she came out of everything in one piece, my life, was lying in a hospital bed, the only sounds being heard the whoosh, click, and hum of the machines and the rhythmic beeping of heart monitor that was reassuring me that Claire was still with me.


    For a woman that was once stood with her brave face on, eyes like a fire on a chilly autumn night that could detect the slightest emotion on my face, warm brown hair blowing in the wind as she tried to keep it from blowing in her face, Claire didn’t look like herself anymore. Her skin looked as pale as fresh snow on a winter morning,which contrasted with her normal copper skin. her lips were dried out and chapped and her hair was a tangled mess. 


 Nora looked up at Claire, eyes red and puffy from crying for awhile.



“Damn it, Claire….. Open your eyes. Please stop this, please stop this now. For me… stop being stubborn and open those eyes of yours, Claire.” I plead, my voice barely above a whisper as I pray that she hears me.






That was the first thing that came to mind when Claire awoke from her slumber. She looked around and noticed that she was back at the apartment that she and Nora shared. Then, the memories flooding back to her.


It was a dark, and it looked like it was about to rain. Nora and Claire planned to stay in and just have a comfortable night with each other, after all, they both deserved a little time off from work. But, as Claire was preparing dinner for her and her roommate she heard the door get kicked in. The next thing she knew, there was three large mean in the house and she quickly hid. 


 One of the men came into the kitchen and looked around, stopping right in front of where Claire had been hiding. Claire held her breath, praying to be left unnoticed when she heard his footsteps stop. The man turned to leave just as Claire accidentally bumped into the cabinet wall hard enough to make a loud bang. The man that was in the kitchen walked over to where she was hiding again and opened up the cabinet, pulling her out by her hair. She screamed out and fought to get from his grip, but his hold on her was too strong for her to break free. 


The man was picked her head up high enough and banging her head against the counter, causing her vision to start to blur. She attempts to fight stopped as she got weaker and she flinched when she heard gunshots in the other room. Her last thought was Nora before everything started to go black. 


“Claire you will be alright, just don’t close your eyes, please don’t close your eyes, baby.”


   Claire knew that she should have listened to the voice. But, unconsciousness continued to lure  her until she had no other choice, but to obey. But in the reality, she had no idea that her heart was barely beating and the doctors were trying to get it to beat strong again. Claire had no idea that Nora was sitting next to her hospital bed, making herself sick with worry and trying to will Claire just to move an inch. The last thing she saw was herself laying in the hospital bed while Nora was crying herself to sleep.


   Claire got out of the bed, walking out of the bedroom to take a look around. Everything looked the same. She went to the kitchen and saw her dried blood on the counter. She quickly rushed out of the kitchen and stared at the broken in the door for a moment. She hesitantly walked out of the apartment in nothing but a gray tank top and a pair of shorts. She looked around and felt that their floor seemed emptier than usual. She wondered to the end of the hall and walked into the stairwell, taking the stairs down to the first floor.



    She pushed opened the front doors of her apartment and went outside, looking around at the abandoned cars. Claire furrowed her eyebrows, as she walked a few blocks, stopping in the middle of an intersection. 


She heard a pair of footsteps from behind her and she turned around, going pale as she recognized the familiar figure. 


“Miss Me sweetheart?”

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