Not About Love

[Battle of the Fandoms - Classics Fanfiction (Not About Heroes)] Siegfried Sasson met Wilfred Owen in a WWI mental hospital. He had been trying to get himself killed, trying to wage war against war. And he had a very good reason - a reason which had nothing to do with love. Nothing at all.


5. My body is the magic of the world




    I ran through the woods like there was a beast on my heels, and perhaps there was. I could feel it closing in, but just a little farther and I would find David. The comfort of my old friend would drive away the harsh realities and give me peace once again. I just had to find him. 

    Branches scraped my arms, roots reached for my feet, but I kept going. I kept going until I reached a clearing, a little secluded spot that made me pause. I didn’t need to be told where I was. I could feel it. I could feel him. 

    “David,” I breathed, my voice a whisper in the darkening air. 

    For a moment there was nothing but the rustle of leaves in the wind, and then there was a voice just as gentle and subtle. “Siegfried.” 

    I could feel him beside me in that place he always hovered. I turned. 


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