Pixie trees

NEED PAIN WORDS Those Three little words mean so much to a pixie because they can change you into one of them by kissing you beware of pixies


3. Stella Black

Today I have to meet a pixie King from a place in Australia but I don't know anything about him but dad said he wants to keep the peace between the two kingdoms so I have to meet him I get up and I see mum and she has resently been turned into a pixie queen and the boy I swear was released and found by some hikers yesterday I sat and watched until he was found by someone then I went home we all go down stairs for breakfast and I get dressed in a dress that dad bought in Italy when I met him with mum that is where we lived before here but anyway so we wait until the King comes to met us and it is snowing outside and I guess he wasn't coming until someone knocked on the front door and one of dad's pixies opens it and takes the King's coat and umbrella and he looks so human but I know he is not human at all and dad introduces us to him and his name is Anakin

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