Pixie trees

NEED PAIN WORDS Those Three little words mean so much to a pixie because they can change you into one of them by kissing you beware of pixies


1. Stella Black

I am Stella Black I have to live with my father who is a pixie King and my mother is a Human so I am half pixie so I need to be turned and I could be a queen my mum has to be turned and she has come around to the idea of being a pixie queen so me and mum are walking through the forest and then I hear "Stella come to me," and it comes from my right so I change direction and mum follows me and then I see my father standing there and I run to him and hug him "Hello Stella it is nice to finally meet you,"

then he see mum and I step away from him and they hugs each other and he whispers something to her but I can't hear what he says to her then he show us the way to his house but its not a house is a mansion and we go inside and he shows me my room and I set my room up and then I hear a horrible moan from down the hall and I look inside the door and see a teenage boy with a ripped shirt and cuts all over his skin then I hear "I cant help it you know my need for your mother was very strong so I had to or ill die,"


"it helps us control your needs but not for long do you understand?"

"I understand," But I don't understand why do they have needs what do you do once they get worse but I do want to ask questions now "Come on it is dinner time," he shows me to the dining hall and we eat in silence

















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