Pixie trees

NEED PAIN WORDS Those Three little words mean so much to a pixie because they can change you into one of them by kissing you beware of pixies


2. Anakin Blythe

I have to go to a town in Alaska because I got told that there is a princess who needs a king to change her into a queen so I am on the drive to where she is and it's not that different in temperature at all really we drive to the hotel and I set up and then I go to the forest but it's night and I see fresh dust but it's not mine so I go looking and see Daniel Collen and he is my father's nephew and he hates me and always has done and probably always will and I hide and he is talking about the pixie princess and he is planning to kill her so I have to warn her father when I meet him, his daughter and his queen tomorrow I arrive at the motel, get my key and go to my room and go to sleep and I hate the weather here its so damn cold I wake up about three or maybe four time but I do get some sleep

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