the time turner that was never distroyed

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


18. what happened to my hair?!

mum leaned over me and pointed her wand at me.

it was quite hard since i couldn't stop laguing. soon

she managed to say "laxo" which stoped my from

tickling myself. i calmed down and sat down beside

mum. "so.... what happened to your hair" i sgined

heavily, "my hair is perfectly normal mum!" she

gave me a look. "ohkay...." she said, lily, albus,

and dad came in we chated about some random

suff, that mum should join the holly heads quittage

team again, dad should take aunt heromione's job

as minister of magic or the DADA teaching job here

at hogwarts, how our studys are coming along and

some other things. dad took the 3 of us to the door

when it was time to go, so "james....what happened

to your hair?" i rolled my eyes, and walked away. 

someone has got everyone i know in on this prank.

i went back to my diomatory to see what lesson i had

next, just before i got indad caught his breath. dad

got a hold of my wrist "what?" i said geting irateted

at how many people were staring at me giggling in

the comman room. "what did you do before you came

to me and ginny, james?" dad asked. "nothing really,

i meet the girl who is from your time but magiced herself

into this time who was yelling out my first name." i told

him. he nodded. "were there any spells involved before

the one infront of ginny?" i shoke my head no. "okay..."

"oh yha! lily dunked a picher of water on my head to wake

me up this moring if that means anything." i said. dad

nodded and walked off. "okay people of the nobal grifindor

coman room! there is no need to stare at the great Harry

potter and his awsome son James  Sirus Potter! please go

backto your, er- what ever you were doing!" i yelled at them.

they all turned back but i could still hear stiff giggles. tory

came up to me. "hi james!" she said in a sickly sweet tone.

i rolled my eyes. "do you have somthing to do with this on

going prank about my hair? because my hair is perfectly

normal and evreyone's asking what happened." she looked

at me with her inocent eyes. "nope!" she said sweetly poping

the 'p'. "i knew it you do!" i could see she was lieing and i have

only known her for like half an hour. "!"

i said with clenched teeth."nothing" she said sweetly, she gave

me a smile and strutted away. i turned to go to my diomotory

when i fell to the ground, somthing landed on me. i turned my

neck because that was all i could move. tory. he wand was

pointing at me. i blushed. this has happened twice in the same

day in the same half an hour and this time evreyone was watching,

i felt so weak. "what did i do know?!" i muttered to her. "called my

victoryia and i felt like pouncing on you again." she said as if that

made it fine. "oh great! so now your going to land on me anytime

you want?!" i asked. "muhum!" she said eseily. she leaned in way

to close to my lips and than whipsered in my ear. "untill i go to far."

she got up strahined up and got of me. okay it wasn't that easy. she

raised herslef properly, pointed her wand at me, took my own wand

, and whispered,"ama me" she got of me with my wand and strutted

away. i liked her strut, it was fun when she pounced at me. i thought.

what was happining to me? she looked back at me on the floor. "oh

yha james?" i looked up at her. "you might want to do somthing about

that blush, people might think you like me." she skirked, turned around

than strutted away. 

I think like her....

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