the time turner that was never distroyed

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


16. uhhh i hate lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i woke up once again but not to any alarm clock or beside

marrabella. marrabella must have left a while ago not

wanting to wake me up. "AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed

when i woke up. "what in the world was that for?!"  with my

reflexes my hand came up when i turned around to see how

it was. i saw lily laughing like it was the end of her life. i

acidently *cough cough not!* slaped her with my hand.

after slaping her my hand flew to my hair and face. it


MUM AND DAD CAME TO VISIT!!" lily yelled at me

now reveling a empty jug in her  hand, she ran away

before i could do anything. i got up went to grab a towel,

to wipe my hair and face, it was only water. i walked out

to the comman room to see if mum and dad were really

there or if lily just wanted to wake me up. i saw a no one

but a little girl with probably dyed red hair, it was real red

not the weasly red hair. she was really tanned and was

wearing loads of neclaces and braclets. i walked up to

her. "hello my names is james potter, are you new here?

whats your name?" i asked her. she looked like a shy girl, i

didn't really expect her reply. "oh hello james! my name is

victoryia snape, and yes i am new her i am a 5th year

transfer from durmstrang." she sounded very cheerful and

very nice. "snape?!" she nodded "got a problem?" i looked

she did not look like a snape. "oh, no! actually i date a snape,

marrabella snape, is she your sister or somthing?" "step!

actually i don't know who marrabella's mother is nobody knows

but my mother is lily Evens"  i looked at her. "lily evens was my

grandmother! but she died a long time ago!" she rolled her eyes.

as if the answer was obvious. "i  have a time turner i gave it to

marrabella to borrow she will give it back later today. i was born

was before in your dad's time but somthing went wrong. with my

magic. i was givin the time turner when i was born, and there was

an explosion, the time turner got hiwired and some how now i have

the powers to time travel, so i was transpoted to this time and well i

mean as if i was born around when lily was born and grew up here

like a normal child. going to drumstrang of corse." she added. i

looked at her. "so were related!" she said. i was stunted. she

stuck out her hand. "now that we know who we are lets redo

that intro shall we?" she grabed my wrist and we went back in

time. i walked over to her again. "hello my name is james potter,

what is your name? are you new here?" victoryia looked at me.

"hi james! my name is victoryia snape, but you can call me tory!

nice to meet you!" we shook hands and we traveled back to where

we were before we went back in time. "so....tory..." she looked up

at me and looked properly for the first time. "so james... what

happeneed to your hair?"

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