the time turner that was never distroyed

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


10. transformation

i cafefully (not that i was good at it:)) lead marrabella to the grifindor

coman room. we found lily, hugo, rose and a few others sitting in a

circle ready to play a game."I'll be back, one moment." She told us and motioned

for rose to come Rise lead her up to her dorm and marrabella took her robes of and stuffed

 them inside her mini bag. "Charmed" i muttered. I turned to the rest of them. "Okay so what

are you ready to play?" I asked. Hugo answered. "Were gonna play truth or dare right?"

Evreyone  nodded. I joined the circle and made space for the 2 girls. the girls came out of

rose's dorms. I looked in shock. Rose and marrabella looked stunting, marrabella wearing a

full length black evening dress with black heals. Black pures, her hair done up in a beautiful

messy bun with a small silver tiara to top of the look. She had a silver, green, and black s

nake choker on and green and blacks braclets on. I smiled at the choker. I gave it to her

on her birthday in a way that it looked like rossabella gave it or someone special. Her

makeup was black and purple eye shadow mixed, blood red lipstick, gold hoop earings,

and some blush.

Rose was wearing a beautiful knee lenth red dress, some silver anclets, a seal ring with

the markings of RW stands for Rose Weasley. Her hair was in a half pony tail and half

bun. She had regular red lipgloss in some blush, grifindor crests earings, and red

eyeshadow with a little orange. 

I was in shock. "Wow you two look stunting!" I told them. I got my wand out and

turned rose's shoes into mini flipflops. I love my transfiguration skills. Rose rolled

her eyes. I changesd back here shoes and changed my robes into a nice black suit

and tie. (Grifindor tie) lily transfigured her robes into a full lenth red evening gown

with half sleeves were her sholders would show. Marrabella stuck her hand in her

bag and got out her makeup kit she tossed it over and hugo transfigured his robes

into a similar outfit of mine. Lily did her makeup, regular red lipstick with a cote of

lip gloss orange lipgloss and foundation, not that she needed it. Once all the transformation

was done we all sat down, "who's up for truth or dare!" I yelled good the comman room

was empty for the start of the break. All the hands went up and i spun to see who

would go first. 

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