the time turner that was never distroyed

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


11. the game is on

"Lily!!!" I nodded at lily she was first. She spun self around and landed on a truth.

"Are you still afraid of the dark?" I knew the answer but i wanted to embarrass

herself. She looked at me sheeply"yes" she muttered. I heald back a laugh. i

turned to the right of lily, it was rose, i was on lily's left. Rose spun and landed

on a dare. "i dare you..." lily began."to, go to the astronamary tower and back

without getting wands of charms." she finished. rose confadently left

the coman room and rose went up to get the muraders map so we could make

sure rose did her dare.she did it with a close call to meet the caretaker. when

she came back albus was next. he also got a dare. "i dare you

up with Emerald!" he looked at her"can i forfit?" "nope! she's not the right one

for you." albus got some parchment and wrote Emerald a letter. he gave it to

rose who put it at Emerald's door so in the moring she would see it first thing.

after was hugo. he got a truth. "did you ever go skating on the black lake?"

albus asked hugo. he shoke his head."no" he said not at all enbaresed, if i

said anything i would say he was proud. hugo turned to marrabella. she got

right in the middle of truth and dare, we disided she would do each a truth

and a dare. "do you like james?" "no" she said but i saw her blush. hugo

thought about the dare for a while i used this chance to legamize him. 'dare

her to do something with me.' i spoke in his head. he looked up at me and

smirked. "i dare you to sleep with james after this game is done." her eyes

widened but she nodded. next and last was me. i spun and landed on a dare.

"i dare you to.." she smiled a slytherin smile. "i dare you to jump in the black

lake and go swimming we,"she said indecating to the rest of the group,"will

watch you from the slythering coman room, i will signal you whan you can

come out." she smirked. rose spoke up. "grifindors go in the slythering coman

room?! i dont thinks so!" rose yelled at her. "come on! nobody will be there

anyways and you can cast a dilusment charm if it helps." marrabella answered

clamly. i looked at her. "i'll just go change into somthing else..." i headed off.

"stop! you will swim in those clothes and change out after!" marrabella said

before i could protest. i walked along with them to the slytherin coman room

i got hugo to get me some gillyweed in case marrabella doesn't let me to come

up for air. i ate the horid tasting plant and jumped into the black lake. i used my

wand to not let me transform in case marrabella noticed. i swam around in sight

of marrabella and the others i swam for a very long time than finally marrabella

motioned i could come up. i wanted to see if marrabella even cared. i saw them

leave to bring me back inside safly. just before they turned away i droped myself

into the water. the group ran outside to the black lake. i could hear faint sounds

of my name. "james? james? come up james!" i just stayed down at the bottem.

soon i heard a splash go down into the water probably to save me. i asumed it

was rose since she was the bravest. when i saw who it was i gasped, that gave

away my hiding spot so i closed my eyes. i felt a pair of arms go around me and

i went up. once i was up i was layed on the ground softly. "james? james? james?

please wake up! james?" i shut my eyes the moment i opened them, marabella

was going to kiss me! i felt her soft lips touch mine and she lifted herself up. i

opened my eyes and she kissed me again. i was over joyed. my first kiss had been

with my child hood crush. we happly went back to the grifindor coman room,

marrabella still had to do her dare.

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