the time turner that was never distroyed

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


7. oh great... dungbombs!

Lorcan walked in the moment i sealed the letters and walked out of

the room. "jame-" "not right now lorcan i need to deliver these now."

i cut him off than rushed to the owley, i don't really like lorcan. one

my way inside the owely i bumped in to marrabella, we both blushed.

"so.. um... james! what are you doing?" she asked me. i ruffled my hair

a bit. "just mailing these and thinking of what mischief i should cause

next." she gave a small  giggle. "so.. would you like to go to hogsmeade

with me this friday?" she rolled her eyes. "when will you quit? i will never

ever say yes to you." i though of evrey time i tryed. what could i do to be

so bad? i asked myself. well.. when ever she is here i tend to ruffle my

hair, ask her out, try to impress her, or something. i faltened my hair down,

stoped trying to inpress her and asked again          '' wanna have a sleep

over?'' she grinded her teeth. "one chance james, one chance." with that

she stalked off, probably to meet rossabella her cousin and best friend.

she left and i relized what i said, a sleepover, a sleepover! really james you

could have done better! i scolded my self. look on the bright side james! well

at least she gave me a chance! i cheered up and tied the letters to my  owl,

hegwig ll. yes i named my owl of my dad's old owl. i pet her a little than when

she flew away i left. on the entrance i triped over a thin rope. "marrabella" i

said within grinded theeth, "after she gave me a ch-" i couldn't finish because

dungbombs flew over to my face. once about 50 dungbombs were thrown i got

up and when right to my dorm, i ment to go to dinner but with my face, i had to

shower first. 

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