the time turner that was never distroyed

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


4. letter to uncle george

dear uncle george,

today i used you WWW producut on the first years with rose.

(dont tell aunt heromione on rose please) i was just about to

get caugut when lily came and saved me but telling the

headmisstress she needed my help on her potions essay.

yesterday i went to the kichen and crushed your balloon blowup

candys and put them in the food. before i did this i took food for

 my self so i don't become a fat balloon. it was actually quite funny

and i didn't get caught. i also blew up some toiltets and put baby

pouder in the slytherin hair shampoo. i painted the pear on the

photogragh that leads to the kichen an apple and made the apple

into a pear so no body exept me could get in. all this was very

amusing and this is not even half!

how are you doing, i was wondering, right now you are staying

at your shop for the march break so do you think i could stay

with you during the break and help run the shop? i heard you

are getting quite a few shoppers around this time of the year. 

send a reply asap and i have got to go now, i have got to see

if i can get marrabella to go out with me now.

your parnk nephew,

                               james sirus potter



(marrabella is prof

snape's dauguter. i made her up) 


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