the time turner that was never distroyed

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


13. hugo's dare

marrabella did evreything in her power to not do the dare but evreyone wanted her to do it, even me. "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT ! DO IT !" evreyone chanted. finally after 10 mins marrabella gave in. "shall we?" i asked. she nodded. i lead her to my diomotory. lorcan wansn't there he went home for the break. the moment i locked the door she pushed me up agenst the wall and kissed me hard. i slip my arms around her waist and she messed her hands inside my hair deepinging the kiss. she licked my bottem lip waiting for a entry. i opened my mouth and our tounges battle together. after her winning i break the kiss for a moment. "what happened to hating me?" i moaned. "i have to." she replied simply. and kept kissing me. we found our way to the bed. her dress was half was up her leg. i sliped it off. after her dress was off i felt somthing cold his my face. i opened my eyes. a time turner, i just thought it was a necklace. we kicked of our shoes. she unbuttoned my wet top and we kissed furiously for a while. at some point she slip of my also wet pants. soon i was only in my boxers. she was only in her bra and undies. my hands found there way to the back of her bra and uncliped it. i moved down to her neck trying to find her sweet spot. "james..."the moment i heard her moan i kept sucking there. she sliped of my boxers and i used my teeth to almost rip off her underwear. both compleatly striped ,i stoped. "are you ready for this? if your not we can just sleep like this and say we did." "wtf?! im ready if waited forever for this moment" she moaned. she put her leges over my shoulders. "james.... james...." she kept moaning."i love you" i heard her say. "i love you too. tell me if i need to stop." she nodded. i gave her a quick kiss and stuck two fingers inside of her. i heard her wince of pain for a moment than she was moaning in pleasure. i entered inside of her. i go faster and faster and i feel her bury herself into my chest and grinds her hips onto me. she wrapped her arms around my neck and  i went even faster. after moaning and moaning form the both of us i slowly stoped. we both gasped for air and caught our breath. "so... nice." she whispered. i nodded at her it really did. "more..." she groaned. and i did it again harder this time going much faster,"james...james...james..." she moaned. i groaned, i loved the sound of her calling my name. soon i slowly came to a stop. my face felt wet. i wiped it off, finding it was hot and yellow. marrabella looked gilty. "sorry." she mumbled. than i relized. it was pee. "we made love." i whispered to her. she nodded happily soon with her raped in my arms we fell into a well diserved sleep. 

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