The Time Turner That Was Never Destroyed(DISCONTINUED)

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


8. dinner

i headed right to the great hall to have dinner, and i saw marrabella smirk

at me when i tried making eye contact with albus. when he saw me i tried

to show him i would sit with him and scropius tomorrow he nodded.  i sat

with hugo, lily, and rose. i told them my story, once i was done rose stood

you and ran over to marrabella they talked for a good 5 mins. marrabella

nodded and rose ran back to talk with hugo and lily. they also talked for

around 5 mins and they all smiked at me. "what?!" i asked lily and hugo

were normal again but rose just smirked again. oh i hope she isn't playing

one of her mach making games like she did for hugo, lily, rossalinda,

rossabella, delfi(voldemort's daughter) victorie and a few others not in

the family or just people i don't know, i mean there happy but i always

play the mach make game with her, how could she do it without me? i

kept trying to get a answer but after a few trys i relized i wouldn't figure

it out, i rolled my eyes and when to the room of requerment. right to the

vanishing cabinet to be exact. i when in and landed in uncle george's

WWW shop. i wanted to spend some time with him to cheer me up and

the other vanishing cabinet was after all in his shop. he gave me an

invitation to stop by any time. i got out of the cabinet and got pulled right

into a big hug. "hey kiddo! i was hoping you would stop by today! the

shop is getting really busy right now, i could use a little help and we can

talk a little if you want." i nodded when would i not stop to work here?! it

is so awsome! i headed over to the chasher where i usualy work and started

up the cash. uncle george was sure right the moment i was ready there was

a line for about a hundred custarmers. soon uncle george came and started

to help me, we talked for a while. within what felt like mins i had to go back

because shop was closing and i had to sleep, "i would stay longer over night

 but if lorcan dosn't see me in bed he will tell lily and the head of the house,

lily would check on the map i gave her, the muraders map, and see i am not

in the caslte, than in the morning i would be in big trouble.'' "okay kiddo! be

safe and cause loads of mischief for me!" i rolled my eyes i closed myself

into the cabinet and within mins i was at hogwarts once again. 

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