Me? Secrets and rants

There are these things we never dare to tell anyone. No matter how simple they are.

Here are mine...


1. basically..

Before I start spilling out all my secrets here. I have say the basic information about myself.

My name is Mariam. I don't really have a nickname, but I like nicknames so if anyone has an idea of a nickname for me I would love to know it.

I have two younger brothers who are going to drive me insane very soon. Being the older sister is not something you want to try. Trust me.

I am so shy. Like really really shy. I probably never talk. I don't really have friends. I mean of course I have like one or two but I don't have a close bestie or something. I wish I did though.

I am a bookworm.

Since I don't have friends, I don't tell my secrets to anyone. So they just keep increasing inside me and I feel like I want to explode. That's the reason I made this book.

Also I LOVE writing. I write so much but I never share anything. Why? Because I am insecure. I always think my writing is bad even if it's not. It's not only about the writing. It's about literally everything. I am so insecure about everything.

The reason I am this way is because...(that's the hard part) I was kind of bullied.

Not physically. I mean emotional bullying. I was made fun of for being the "nerd". This is why I have zero self confidence. I blame myself for everything all the time. I am always convinced that everything is my fault.

I can't get angry at anyone. Yes, I just can't. If I try to shout madly at someone, it's just a matter of seconds before I burst into tears. I cry so much. Really so much.

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