Deus Ex Machina [Single]

A non-album single, originally written during the RESET sessions, but deemed too heavy to feature on the album.




This single is presented in the style of a 12" vinyl single, with one main A side (Deus Ex Machina) and two B sides (3-Destruction and Morbidity). All the songs were written during the RESET sessions, but were deemed too dark to feature on that album. I felt Deus Ex Machina itself, however, was a single worthy track. Since it has no album, it has become a single all on it's own, with two outtakes backing it up on the B side.

Do tell me what you think :)

S H-B, 30/08/16


Cover art by @h a n n a h

HAMMER logy by @h a n n a h

Cover concept by Sam H-B/@h a n n a h

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