Deus Ex Machina [Single]

A non-album single, originally written during the RESET sessions, but deemed too heavy to feature on the album.


2. A1: Deus Ex Machina


[Verse 1]

Manufacture silence

Living in the violence

Unholy alliance

In the name of god (keep it coming on)

Runnin’ from the fires

Pages burning higher

Prayer ignite the fire

In the name of god in the name of…



Take your god from the machine

And let him show you what peace means

To live your life for his beyond

And take the world to kingdom come



Don’t let it burn away

Everything has its place

Unite we’re all one race

Let’s smile

‘Cause I don’t care which god’s up higher


[Verse 2]

Kneeling down and praying

‘Cause our peace needs saving

Everybody saying

‘In the name of god’ (might goes on and on)

Call me a conduit

But god doesn’t speak through it

Burning bush just couldn’t do it

In the name of god in the name of…





Higher, higher

Fire, fire

Messiah, messiah

Mount me on a cross and scream ‘be crucified!’





Manufacture your lord

Trace along the contours

Is this what I’m in for?

In the name of god in the name of…



[Chorus x2]


‘Cause I don’t care which god’s up higher!

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