One Night with the King

Yunho is a cold hearted King, who likes to go into people's homes and collect their children; just so he could sleep with them. But, that was all about to change when he met Jaejoong. A poor carefree teenage boy, who sells his body for a living. Yunho was supposed to be cold hearted, but after meeting Jaejoong for the first time his heart skipped a beat. And right at that moment, it was love at first sight. Can this cold hearted King really be in love? Or is he just trying to get into Jaejoong's pants?

Seunghyun is second in line for being King. He's not as cold like his brother Yunho. At first sight he fell in love with Jiyong and so did Jiyong but, how can their love last when Seunghyun's brother doesn't approve? Only time will time as the story goes on.


1. Memories of Loathing

"You're a disgrace to our family. You're disgusting and disgraceful, you know that right Jaejoong? You're a stupid slut. You're the kind of slut that will spread his legs for anyone, even a dog". Jaejoong's mother yell at him with so much loathing in her voice. 'But, omma...-' "don't you dare ever call me your mother. How could you sleep with your own stepfather? You whore. Are you that desperate to get someone to fuck you, that you'll willing to open your legs to the world? Huh?" as she spat hateful words at Jaejoong, all he could do was let silent tears fall down his face. 

"Answer me when I'm talking to you whore" she yells again. 'I-I had no choice mother, h-he forced me. He r-r-r-raped me-'. Before Jaejoong know it he was already on the floor. His mother  slap him so hard that one of his cheeks was now red. 

"Liar! You seduce him into fucking you, slut. I bet you liked it when he fucked you countlessly. Did you like it like the little slut you are?" His mother ask. 'No mother I didn't-' *slap*. This time the sound of the slap was so loud that it echo off the walls. "Liar...say you loved it!". 'But I-' the glare he got from his mother made him to shut up right away and rethink his statement. 'I-I loved it' he simply said. Deep down he knows that he didn't like it when his stepfather forced himself on him, but who was he to say that when no one believes him. 

Except his big brother Jiyong. Jiyong was the only person in the world, who really gives a damn about him. But that all changed when the same thing that is happening to him right now happened to Jiyong. He wanted to follow after Jiyong when their mother kicked him out, but didn't because Jiyong told him not to come alone. 

"Again with the fake tears?" His mother spat pulling him out of his thoughts. "Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I don't want to see your face" and with that she when up to her room.

'What do I do now? Why does this only happen to me? Was the world made just so I can regret ever being born? How could a mother hate her own son so much that she's willing to kick him out? Why God? If there is any God out there, then why?'

All these thoughts was running in his head, but he had no answers for them. 

'Maybe one day, someone will love me' and with that said he picks up his bags and left the house. Never looking back. 

'It's all or nothing now'.

'I'm coming Jiyong brother. I promise that when I'm rich, I will make sure that everybody who hurt us suffer for it' Jaejoong murmur to himself as he disappear into the dark street.

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