Fell in Love with Your Bully's Mother *editing*

This wasn't supposed to happen to you, but indeed it did. You didn't believe in true love, but when You first saw her she toke Your breath away. You want to kiss her. You want to touch her. You want to hold her. But, You can't because she's a woman and You're just a girl. Worst she's Your bully's mother. This story is between a YOUXTaeyeon


4. Too much drama

Warning: I don't know what I just wrote.


As this make out session was stay going on You didn't realize someone had enter the room until you both heard something crashing to the floor. You both jump apart, but it was already too late because someone saw you guys.

And you won't believe who it was...
You and Taeyeon both stayed frozen in your position with wide eyes. 

"I-I...sorry wrong house" the person said and ran out the door, but few minutes later they came back. "Sorry again, but is this The Kim Resident?" They said awkwardly. 

All You and Taeyeon could do was just nodded your heads as you both slowly pulled apart.

"Oh sorry I thought I was in the wrong house" they laugh awkwardly as they continue "anyway I'm Know Jiyong". "N-nice to meet you?" You said awkwardly. The awkwardness in the room was suffocating and very dangerous. It was like a ticking bomb ready to explode at any moment, but thank goodness Tiffany cheerful voices brought the atmosphere back to normal. 

"Oh my gosh Jiyong you're here" she said as she ran over and hugs him. "It's been forever, where's Seunghyun?" She asked as they pulled apart. "He couldn't make it today. Oh and you won't what just happened" Jiyong said and You and Taeyeon eyes when wide with fear once again. 'Oh no please, don't tell her. Don't tell her" You pleaded into your head.

"What?" "I'm going to be transferring to your school tomorrow, that's why I stopped here to tell you" he said and You breath out a breathe You didn't know You were holding. "I'm sorry happy, but what about Seunghyun is he transferring too?" "Of course, you anywhere I ho he follows. We're like Tom and Jerry. Anyway the mouse go the cat follow". 

You were glad that this conversation was still going on, because this gives You time to think about a good lie to tell this Jiyong guy. 

"So how is it going for you and the ladies?" Tiffany asked Jiyong. They both sames so engrossed in their discussions that they forgotten that anyone was in the same room with them. Well Tiffany anyway because Jiyong kept on a little smirk on his lips every time he looks at  You and Taeyeon. "Don't worry I won't tell" he mouthed to You, I least that what You thought he said.

"This is our chance to leave" Teayeon said as she took your hand and lead You to the upstair bathroom. "We will be safe in here" she smile gently at You. "That was close Taeyeon that could have been Tiffany, worst Jessica. I-I don't think we should do this any-" You were cut off by a pair of lips on yours. 

The kiss was slow and gentle. It wasn't like the deep and hard kissing you gives each other. No. This one was soft and sweet, it brought out old and new emotions. 

Pulling away from the kiss Taeyeon looked you dead in the eyes and said "you made me into this. You made my heart to love you, so are you really going to run away and leave me here? I know you're only seventeen and you're a girl, but is it so wrong for loving you?" She cried her heart out. You were left speechless, but at the same time happy. 

"I'm sorry. I just ca-" "one last kiss please? One kiss is all I ask for" she said sadly. You didn't wanted to leave her, but at the same time you didn't wanted to endanger your friendship with Tiffany, or the fact that Jessica will kill you when she founds out.  "One kiss? Just one kiss and nothing more?".

You when in slowly for the kiss. It was slower then a snail waking on the beach, but still it had some much passion. You lead Taeyeon control the kiss this time. You surrender yourself one last time to her. "Please don't leave me, I love you" she said as she broke the kiss. 

'Come on Minji you know you love her so just stay, if people finds out they find out' You thought. 'Maybe one more last kiss' your lips ok most feel hers when some one walk into the bathroom.

"You bitch" Jessica voice make you two to pull away so fast that if You were a super hero, you'll be Flash. 

Jessica looked at You with pure disgust in her eyes. "How dare you. You disgusting slut, how dare you seduce my mother into this" she said angrily coming You way. Her mother protectedly pull You behind her back and that made Jessica even madder.

"It's not what you think Jessica" You try reasoning with her, but the way she looked at You made You to shut your mouth in an instant. "Oh really?" she said glaring, "then do explain to me why you fucking seduce my mother".

"Hmm...it just happen?" You said awkwardly. "Is that your answer because now I can finish what I started" she advances to You.  'Ok god she was going to murder me' You thought. 

"It was my fault" Taeyeon said still holding You behind her back. "No it was my fault" You quickly defended her as You break away from her hold and got in front of her.you were done being afraid of Jessica...maybe...

"Yes it is your fault" she pointed her index finger at You then she continued now pointing at her mother "and you...how could you?". 

"Like Mi said it just kind of happen and-" she was saying, but her daughter cut her off "you're calling her Mi now? Unbelievable. Does Tiffany  knows about this?" she said. "No" you both said at the same time. "Oh why don't we tell her now...oh look here she comes". 

"What's all this drama about guys?" Asked Tiffany as she and Jiyong walked into the bathroom. "Just that mom and ugly here have something to tell you" she smirk evilly.

'Noted. Jessica is the number one evilness girl I've ever encounter. Oh god can safe me now'. 
Wow that was just too much drama for a person to handle. Oh my gosh...WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NOW???? We will find that out Saturday(^_^) Sorry about errors(this story will be edited when it gets somewhere)...and no not over the rainbow🌈.

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