Fell in Love with Your Bully's Mother *editing*

This wasn't supposed to happen to you, but indeed it did. You didn't believe in true love, but when You first saw her she toke Your breath away. You want to kiss her. You want to touch her. You want to hold her. But, You can't because she's a woman and You're just a girl. Worst she's Your bully's mother. This story is between a YOUXTaeyeon


6. Loving her

Loving her

Warning for few strong language


What does tomorrow holds for You? You'll never know because You were just so caught up in you night dream about Taeyeon. Your best friend mother. The women that stole your heart at first sight. The women with the golden blonde hair.




Taeyeon pov**

Ahh I'm going crazy! Yesterday I called Minji and told her that I wanted us to go on a date and she said 'yes'. I'm going crazy, what to wear~? "Ok let's see" I smile as I pick up a 'see through shirt'. "Prefect" when I put on the shirt I could see my bra I was wearing. This was perfect because I'm planing on seducing Minji for our first time today. I've been waiting to take her for week now and I can't wait anymore.

Searching for a jeans to wear, I find a blue short jeans that stops at my ass. 'Oh man she's soo going to be mine' I thought and not long someone started knocking on my room door. Going to see who it was I found Jessica standing there and she shyly says "I need to talk to you".

"Ok what do you want to talk about? I ask a little confuse because Jessica never comes to me for help. "W-well you see..." she started nervously. 'The Ice Queen is nervous? Now this I got to hear'.

"Don't worry I won't judge just tell me" I said and waiting for her to start again.

"I-I like someone and I don't know how to confess to them. What do I do?" she ask me. What the hell was I going to say to that? Ok, I know...maybe. "It doesn't matter who you like because I will support you all the way and try confessing to the person you like. You next knows because they may like you too" I smiles and brought her into hug. "T-thanks" she said and then left. 'Never thought she had feeling, but now that's a different story'.

"HOLY FUCK! I'M GOING TO BE LATE FOR OUR DATE" I yell when my phone alert ring reminding me of this special event. "FUCK" I said and not too long I hear Tiffany voice from the other side of the wall. "YAH LANGUAGE. AH I SWEAR ADULTS TODAY" she yells back. "SORRY HONEY" I shouted back and few minutes later I got in my car and when to pick up Minji.




No one pov(😈)

When Taeyeon got to your house she call You to come out and not long You came running. When You got in the car you couldn't believe your eyes. Taeyeon was soooo hot, not sunny hot...hot...hot. By where You were sitting you love the view of Taeyeon breast. "Hi Minji, where do you want to go?" she ask, but You were too distracted by Taeyeon breast to even function right. You started to drool, but Taeyeon tell bringing You back to reality "yah face up here". She sounded angry, but the smile quickly return to her face when you kiss her.

"Starbuck, sorry just got a little..." You starts to zoom out again, but You quickly realized what was happening and came out of it. "Distracted..." You finished.

'Plain a is working and time for plain b to be put in' thought Taeyeon with a smirk

When you two got to Starbuck, Taeyoen got out of the car first and when over to your side and open the door. Blushing You got out of the car and took Taeyeon as you both enter Starbuck.

Taeyeon pov**

When we enter Starbuck, people started to give us weird so I pull Minji hand away from my. I don't get society today, 'there are more bad people then good people'. I love Minji, but the fact I'm a woman it's unbearable to them. 'Fuck that'. I don't give a crap about them, Minji is mine and mine only. No one can stop me from holding her. smiling I took her hand again and lead her to our seat when a lady says "OMG we have a goddamn faggot in the room" and everyone in Starbuck started laughing at us. I got really angry, I was getting ready to punch the woman who made us into a laughing stock, but Minji stop me instead. "It's ok Taeyeon let's just go somewhere else, like your house for example" she said smiling sadly. "Sure for you, anything".

"Wait don't tell me, she's old enough to be your moth-" she was asking Minji, but before she could get the 'mother' part out I punch her. I really did.

I wanted to punch her again, but Minji took my left hand and pull me back to the car. "You shouldn't have done that" she said angrily. "Well she deserves it" I yell back at her angrily too. I was able to yell more, but once I saw her trembling with fear I stop. "I-I sorry" I apologize and she hugs me. "I forgive you" she smiles and so did I.

"Taeyeon?" she ask me and I could hear the nervousness in her voice. "Hm?" I said and the replied I got in return blow my mind.

"C-can we s-sleep t-together?" I stood frozen. This was what I've been waiting for, but what do I do now?




Sorry for the cliffhanger😌

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