Fell in Love with Your Bully's Mother *editing*

This wasn't supposed to happen to you, but indeed it did. You didn't believe in true love, but when You first saw her she toke Your breath away. You want to kiss her. You want to touch her. You want to hold her. But, You can't because she's a woman and You're just a girl. Worst she's Your bully's mother. This story is between a YOUXTaeyeon


3. Can't get enough


You bit her bottom lip and suck on it as she moan out Your name. As you both kissed You started to ran your hands up her thigh with Your knee still in between her legs. You guys quickly pulled away when You heard a car horn sound coming from outside. Soon came in Tiffany and Jessica. Damn it and just when you both were getting to the good part. 

This time You didn't regretted kissing your best friend  mother, in fact I love it.
"H-hey J-Jessica" You greeted nervously to her. "WHAT IS SHE DOING HER?" Jessica yelled as she pointed at You. Hearing her cold voice You begin to shiver in fear, but as always Tiffany came to your rescue. "I invited her and you have no right to be mean to her. What did she even did to you huh?" Asked Tiffany angrily then continue "she's my friend and for goodness sakes can you be nice to her? Aisshh" she said her voice getting louder with every word she spoke.

"Me like her" Jessica glare as she pointed to You and said "NEVER" and with that she when to her room and slam the door.

"Sorry about that Minji, she can be a...what do people say these days?" "Pain in the ass?" You cut in. "Yes" said Tiffany and you both busted out laughing your heads out. "Don't worry she'll come around" said Tiffany and You thought 'yeah when I'm finally dead'.

"I should go talk to her" and with that said Tiffany left too.

"Is Jessica always like that to you?" Taeyeon asked and You shyly nodded 'yes'. "I'm sorry. Come" Taeyeon said as she brought You in for a hug. She hugged You so hard that You could feel her soft breasts through her blouse. 

When you both pulled away from the hug she pulled You back in, but for a kiss this time. "We can't" You said sadly. "Why not?" She asked pouting her lips. "Because if Tiffany see us like this she'll lose it and I don't want to think about what will happen if Jessica finds out. Oh no I know, she kill me". "Don't worry I won't let that happen and beside you're mine now" she smirk and give you a peck on the lips. Not satisfied with the little peck on your lips, You pulled her in for a more passionate kiss.

"Haha knew you're come around" she said with a little smile. "I should go" You said sadly and with one last kiss to Taeyeon lips You left.
when you got to school the next day, You were acting like a maniac until You came across...well you know who. 

Apparently, You weren't playing attention and didn't see Jessica in your way as you daydream. You bumped into her making her to fall to the floor.

Getting up she glared at You. If looks could kill then You'll be dead by the way she was looking at You. "Look where you're going you good for nothing crazy bitch?" she yelled at you as she stormed off  angrily. 

'Wow and that's the girl who mother I'm in love with. Her mother is sooo sweet and she's soooooo SCARY' You thought as You walked off to class.
At lunch You sat with Tiffany as alway.  She invited You to her house again and of course You said 'yes'.

"You see...I don't get it" she said confusedly. "What?" You asked. "I don't get how you and my mother have become so close. I mean not like I care much, but its just that it seems there's something going on that I can't put my fingers on" she said making a confuse face yet again. 

"Yeah that is weird" You said playing alone. Of course You weren't going to tell her about her mother and You having an affair...well not yet anyway.
"Hi Taey...I mean Mrs. Kim" that was close You thought as you took in a relief breath. You almost call her by her first name and thank the lord that Tiffany didn't caught on. "Oh hi Minji" she said with a beautiful smile on her face. Shyly You smiled back too. 

You wanted to go over to her and kiss her, but You couldn't because her daughter was still in the room. And should I mention who is also her best friend.

"I'm going upstairs to change so just stay here and I'm be back in five" Tiffany said excited and left. Making sure Tiffany was upstairs and in her room safe and sound. You attack Taeyeon  lips. She didn't seemed surprised and kisses You back with just the right amount of passion. Maybe more. 

You both pulled again panting hard from your quick make out session. Taeyeon smile at You and said "I miss you" "same" You replied back. With that said she pulled You back into a crashing kiss making You to moan. 

Too into each other...(no pun intended) because you both was into each other personal space. 

'Yah author-nin do you mind?" You thought angrily'. *S-sorry*

As this make out session was stay going on You didn't realize someone had enter the room until you both heard something crashing to the floor. You both jump apart, but it was already too late because someone saw you guys.

And you won't believe who it was...


(Hope you guys like it❤️)

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