Fell in Love with Your Bully's Mother *editing*

This wasn't supposed to happen to you, but indeed it did. You didn't believe in true love, but when You first saw her she toke Your breath away. You want to kiss her. You want to touch her. You want to hold her. But, You can't because she's a woman and You're just a girl. Worst she's Your bully's mother. This story is between a YOUXTaeyeon


5. And the drama continues or did it

*Surprised update*


"What's all this drama about guys?" Asked Tiffany as she and Jiyong walked into the bathroom. "Just that mom and ugly here have something to tell you" she smirk evilly.

'Noted. Jessica is the number one evilness girl I've ever encounter. Oh god can safe me now'.




All hell broke loose when Tiffany asked that simple question. Jessica on the other hand looked please with herself as she smirk evilly at You. 'How does she sleep at night?' You question yourself. 'Oh I know' Your inner self said then continue, 'she dreams about killing us. She's not called the coldhearted ice queen for nothing'.

"So is anyone going to tell me what is happening here?" Asked Tiffany again her book bringing you back to reality. Jessica opened her mouth to say something, but was silence by Taeyeon.

"Kim Jessica don't you dare say another word, if you do you're be grounded for interfering with my personal business" Taeyeon said angrily at her. Inside You were dancing with joy and was also surprised by Taeyeon anger that You thought. 'Damn she looks super hot when she's angry'.

"This is not over bitch, you're going to regret this" Jessica spat at You as she when to she and Tiffany room and slammed the door.

Poor Jiyong didn't know what to do or say so he said his goodbye and wish You 'good luck'.

"So mom...what was Jessica talking when she said...well you know what I mean" Tiffany asked Taeyeon. "W-well you see..." Teayeon started to say, but was cut off by Tiffany.

"I don't really see what is going on here so I need you to tell me and not play 'Mary go Around' with me" said Tiffany. You and Taeyeon didn't know what to say because it was another trouble waiting to be stir up, so you don't just kept silent.

"Ok how about this. I'm going to ask a question and all you guys have to say is 'yes' or 'no' got it?" Asked Tiffany and You and Taeyeon both nodded 'yes'.

"Is something happening between you guys" she ask and You and Taeyeon looked at each other before you both nodded 'yes". "Are you guys you know...sleeping together?" She said again. This time it took You and Taeyeon five long minutes before you both say 'yes'.

Afraid of what Tiffany was going to say next You begin to apologize, but stopped because You were shock by what You heard her said next.

"That's awesome" she shouted amused then continued, "I've always wanted a lesbian mother and a gay best friend. Oh! And also now you guys can give me some advice about falling in love with a girl because I think I've fallen for something" she said cheerfully.

'Ok this is not what I expected' You thought slapping yourself mentally and physically to awake up from your nightmare, but You weren't dreaming.

"You're not angry about us?" You asked surprised.

"Oh please I knew since the first day. I kind of put my own pieces together and just acted like I didn't know. I mean it was obvious when my mother asked me nonstop about invited you over to our house" she when on and on and on. You turned to look at Taeyeon and murmur her name, 'sorry' she murmur back.

"I know Jessica is angry right now, but she'll come around" Tiffany said cheerfully.

"Yeah that will only happen if she rips out my heart and fee it to the demon she has on her shoulders" You joke, but inside you were shaking with fear.

"I promise, she'll come around" she left leaving you and Taeyeon by yourselves.

"That wasn't so bad" she said and when in to kiss You, but you stopped her and said. "You're not angry about what I said earlier?" You asked. "No Mi I'm not because if I was..." She stopped and then whisper into your ear, "then I won't be thinking of fucking you right here and now". Her breath tickles your ear making You to soft moan.

"A-ahh n-no" "I thought so" she said and kiss you. The kiss least for what felt like forever, but unfortunately it was getting dark and You needed to go home.

When You pull away from the kiss, Taeyeon lips follow yours.

"I" *kiss* "have" *kiss kiss* "to go" more kisses "home" You finally finished. Taeyeon just kept kissing you over and over and You finally had enough and said, "Taeyeon". "Sorry" she pouted sweetly and You couldn't help yourself so you kissed her for few minutes.




Before leaving the house You were going to give Taeyeon a goodnight kiss when Tiffany came to the door to say goodbye, but didn't leave afterward.

"Hmm Tiff do you mind?" You ask, but she just played dumb and stand there. "Oh I don't mind keep going" she smiled happily. She wanted to watch you guys kiss, but You didn't let her. Taeyeon told her to go back to her room or she will be grounded too. "I just wanted to watch" she left murmuring to herself.

'Not weird at all' You thought.

Kissing Taeyeon good night *finally* You existed their house and when to yours.

What does today holds for You? You'll never know because You were just so caught up in you night dream about Taeyeon. Your best friend mother. The women that stole your heart at first sight. The women with the golden blonde hair.




The end(I'm joking this story won't be done until I say so or when you guys finally had enough of my boring story haha).

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