Beautiful |C.H|

She's a beautiful girl who thinks she could be any uglier.

Will one guy show her that she not


5. Goodnight xx

I swear that I woke up with a smile on my face. I kept dreaming of Calum last night. He had texted me after the concert and I literally started screaming.

Goodnight xx -C

"What time did you get home last night?!" My mother yelled as I came down the stairs. She sat on the couch in her business attire with coffee in her hands.

"I don't know" I said walking into the kitchen with my robe on.

"Gabriella Katrine Preston! You came in after your curfew! Did you not?" She yelled following me in to the kitchen

"Probably" I mumbled. She sighed and retreated back into her bed room. I shrugged my shoulders and went back into my room. Where Alex laid sound asleep.

"Alex!!!" I yelled.

"What!?" She said into her pillow.

" It's time to wake up idiot" I laughed throwing a pillow at her.

"Ugh fine" She ran her hands through her thick hair. "What are we going to do today?" She smiled

"I don't know probably go to the city" I said

"Good plan," We quickly got dress know that Alex will have to go home later today and I will be alone once again.

"Did Luke by any chance text you last night" I asked as we got in the car

"Yea..He was making sure he got the right number but that's it" She shrugged. I nodded and looked at the window. "He's a famous guy he can't be bothered with some girl that he barley knows...right?" She's asked with her voice higher

"I guess... And you have to be loyal to Kai" I reminded her. Kai is her boyfriend. They have been dating for almost 6 months now.

"Oh...right, Kai" She frowned then quickly replaced it with a small smile

"What's wrong with Kai?"

"Nothing, it's just what if..." She trailed off.

"No what ifs you have a real thing with Kai you don't want to ruin it for some pop-star" I snapped at her. As she parked in front of a cafe.

"Oh! So what about you and Calum, huh?" She snapped back raising her eyebrow. I laughed. Did she really believe there was a Calum and I? Please...

"There is no Calum and I... Last night was nothing to him" I said. Not even realizing that I might be telling the truth. Last night was nothing to him. He probably does this all the time. And here I am with my best friend auguring about guys that we barley know.

"You're such a slut.." Alex mumbled "Who makes out with a guy and then says that the theirs nothing between them at all"

"I- I can't believe you'd say that!" I yelled fighting back the tears forming in my eyes for all the years me and Alex have been friends she's has never said anything like that before

"Well i-it's true!"

"Me?! The slut?! You are over here contemplating breaking up with your boyfriend for some one you've only known for a hour!!" I spat out. I immediately regret it's s soon as it slipped out my mouth. We both fell into silence something that is almost irregular for us. I looked out the window to the cafe.

"Get out" she said barely audible but clear. I quickly got out and watched her car drive away.

There he was

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