Beautiful |C.H|

She's a beautiful girl who thinks she could be any uglier.

Will one guy show her that she not


4. 2

. I laid low for the rest of the week pretty much ditching school as much as possible...I was ready to be done with school already. Thank god Alex is coming today for the 5 SOS concert.


"I've missed you sooooo much" Alex squealed as she entered my room. Nothing changed about her. She had her same strawberry blonde hair and she still had 2 good inches on me. I smiled at her.

"It's only been one day-"

"Wait...YOUR ROOM IS HUGE!!! Well for Colorado...She yelled muttering the last part. I rolled my eyes at her comment. Alex could never stay on one subject.

" are you ready to meet our future husbands?" I squealed am such a fangirl.

"I wonder what kind of ring Luke will get me when he ask to marry me?" She said admiring the invisible ring on her finger. We both looked at each other and bursted out laughing. We both know that will never happen and that fate has a different future for us. But for now we could only wish

"So..any juicy drama happen while I was gone?" I looked through my closet scanning each outfit before I spot a olive skin tight dress.

"Erm, Not really" She said biting the inside of her cheek.

"I know your lying Alex, you always bite your cheek when you lie" I sighed taking a jean jacket out

"I do not!" She protested. I raised my eyebrow at her to say. Really Alex?

"Fine! YourExIsDatingEmily" She quickly said

"What?! Brandon is dating Emily?! That motherfucker!" I screamed in frustration. Brandon and I dated for 2 years until I finally broke it off a month ago. We had a really great realationship until the last 6 months of it. He started being really off. He wouldn't answer my calls or my text. And when we did hang out he was always texting. I just felt like it wasn't working out and it obvious that he was texting other girls. Like this girl named Emily at our school. So I broke it off two weeks before I left. Now he's dating the bitch.

"Are you okay?" Alex whispered combing her hair

"Yea..I really don't care, I mean I never really loved him anyway," I lied. I looked up to the ceiling fighting my tears.

"Gabriella—" Before she could finish I quickly got up and and into the bathroom and got dress there.

I applied the finishing touches on my make up and walked back into my room.

"Are you ready!" I smiled at Alex. She looked at me in confusion the shrugged and slid of my bed. She wore and outfit similar to mine a black skin tight dress with big curls in her hair.

" Okay mom I'm leaving" I yell. My mom entered the room and scanned our outfits. She raised an eyebrow and mumbled something under her breath. I shook my head to get her bad vibes off of me. Alex unlocks the door and runs to the car. I follow her into the car as I hear her playing. Some old country song. Gross. Alex has literally no taste in music except when it comes to 5SOS. 40 minutes later we pull up to the arena and find a parking spot.

"Are you okay Gabriella, you've hardly said anything this whole ride!" Alex said

"I'm fine" I muttered unbuckling my seat belt

"Okay ...but I just want you to know that Brandon was a mess after you moved. He pretending like everything was fine when you were their, but then after he was crying and punching walls and shit like that"


"Mmhmm! But then Emily started flirting with him and all that stuff after week when he calmed down" She unbuckled her seatbelt

"Oh..." That was I all I could say. Did I break it off to early?

"I think you should talk to him" She got out the car and started walking to the arena


"Oi! Over here girls" Ashton called us in his thick Australian accent. We began to walk towards the boys. My heart started to beat a mile a minute I squeezed Alex's hand and smiled toward the boys. They all say in four different chairs in a straight line with two chairs in front of them. I satt in the stair across from Calum and Ashton. Of course. Alex takes the other seat. Calum sits relaxed in relaxed his chair. Which relaxes me. I mean there just guys..right?

"So....What's your name?" Michael coughed. Breaking the silent tension.

"I'm Gabriela and this is my best friend Alex" I said I glance at Calum who obviously looks really bored. They all do. Even me and Alex. "You know what..?" Everyone looked at me I cleared my throat " it's seems that we have a hour to hang out so how about we play truth or dare?" I said.They all nod in agreement.

"Okay I'll start" Calum said "Um...Gabriela truth or dare?" I tapped on my chin as if its a hard choice.

"Hmmm Truth" I finally said

"Alright Are you single?" He raised and eyebrow. Scratching the back of his neck Luke began to burst out laughing and Michael joins him.

"Wow Calum are you are that desperate?" Luke laughed

"What!? I-It was just a question" Calum stuttered I start to blush. I've only been here for a total of 4 minutes and Calum likes me? Ha no way.

"Uh actually I am single right now" I bit my lip and stared at my lap. As Luke asked Alex a question I picked my head up from my lap and watched Calum. His muscles flex under his black plain shirt. My eyes meet to his face. I watch as his dark brown eyes trail down my body. Is Calum actually checking me out? Finally our eyes meet. For what feels like an entirety I tear away as I hear my name being called.

"Gabby, Hello Earth to Gabriela?" Micheal waves getting my full attention

"Huh, what? Sorry" I stumble over my words. They just can't come out right. "Uh did you just call me Gabby?"

"Yea got a problem with that sweetcheeks?" Michael laughed My cheeks turn a bright red. At least I think it does. I stuck my tongue at him "It's your turn by the way"

"Erm.." I scanned over the four boys before me. . "Ashton...Truth or dare" I said

"Truth" He smiled .

"If you were gay who would you date in this room" I giggled The boys began to laugh even Alex who has been surprisingly quiet . For the girl who wakes up at 6 am screaming to a Justin Bieber song. Michael pretends to fix his hair as if he was a girl. Luke pretends to put lipstick on. And Calum jumped into Ashton's lap and kisses him on the cheek.

"Calum I guess?" He laughed. Calum jumps of of him and jumps up and down like he's won a pageant. I look to Ashton who's smile brighten the room. As Calum sat back down Ashton's smile disappears. "Luckily I'm straight so I would go out with you" he winked . I blushed so hard that I look like a tomato.

" Annnnyyyywaaayyy"Michael said stretching out the word "Calum truth or dare "

"Dare" he smirked

"I dare you to kiss Gabriela"Micheal laughed

"Wha—" Calum lips smashed on mine. Which is terribly unpleasant. I want to pull away but his hands are on my waist. Making sure I don't. I began to follow his movements. His lips taste of cinnamon. Sweet sweet cinnamon. His tongue pressed against my lips begging for entrance.Me being stubborn don't give him any. I wrap my legs around him as he picks me up. I run my finger through his soft hair. He softly bites my lip. I moan which gives him entrance. I feel him smile against my lips. I could do this forever.

I pulled away with a smile. He mirrored my expression, except with out the blushing. I turn to my left to see Luke and Micheal staring wide-eyed at us. Alex is the same but her phone is up to her face taking pictures of us two. If there even is an us

I hear a giggle. Then I see Alex laying on Luke's lap as he plays with her hair. I pull out my phone and snap a quick photo before they notice.

"Uh I have to use the bathroom" I announced hoping to get Alex's attention.She notices and gets my gist.

"Go down the hallway and it will be to your right" Ashton mumbled looking at his phone. I roll my eyes as Alex and I head towards the bathroom. Ashton directions are right.

"So what did you want to talk about" Alex said fixing her hair in the mirror. She knows that I didn't want use the bathroom and that I just wanted to talk. It's girl code.

"Nothing much just needed a breather.." I shrugged my shoulders and fixed my hair also.

"Okay...But did you see me and Luke!!!" She flipped her long hair. I nodded as I put on a new coat of lipgloss then I handed it to Alex to do the same.

"You guys are such a cute couple" I told her.

"Not as cute as you and Calum". She squealed again. I shrug my shoulders. Is there even a me and cal? I doubt we will ever see each other again. They live in Australia. I live in Canada. Thousands of miles apart.

"Did you see the way Ashton was acting?" I reminded myself more than her.

"Yea, it was like he just found out his girlfriend cheated on him" Alex said

"But did he really have to act like one minute he's telling me that he likes me then the next he hates everyone" I mumbled. Alex doesn't hear me.

" I actually have to use the bathroom I'll meet you outside" she said walking into a stall. I walk out the hallway hear the boys voices. I greet them with a smile.

"Uh we gotta like 10 minutes before the concert starts and we gotta get ready.." Luke told me. The all walk up to me. I give each one of them a hug.

" Uh can I have your number" Calum said scratching the back of his neck. I blush and hand him my phone. "Thanks" He said and high fives Luke. Okay???

Alex comes out and gives them all a hug to and exchange numbers with Luke. Of course. I take my seats in the flooded arena. Then shortly after that the 4 boys come out on the stage. I screamed for them. As well as everyone else.

"The next about a girl named...Amnesia and it goes a little something like this..." Calum yelled getting ready to play the bass.

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