Beautiful |C.H|

She's a beautiful girl who thinks she could be any uglier.

Will one guy show her that she not


3. 1

"Next" the lady at the front desk at yelled I made my way to the her desk. She took on look at me and scoffed. I bit my tounge before I said some unkind things to this bitch. She looked at me for a bit then rolled her eyes " Name!!" She said impatiently.

"Gabriella Preston!" I snapped she sighed looked through some papers the finally handed me my schedule.

"Civics, room 106"She said blankly. I rolled my eyes and try to find my way to my class.

I opened the door to room 106. With all eyes on me.

"Hello are you my new student"The teacher said.

"Yes sir" I replied

"Well I'm Mr. Hollister and you are?"

"Gabriella Preston"

"Damn she's hot!"I heard some perv boy say I rolled my eyes.

"You may have a seat here" he pointed to a seat close to his desk. Mostly where the bad kids sit. I didn't mind I'm use to it.

"Hey hot thangg" The boy next to me whispered. His breath smelled like drugs.

"What do you want?!" I yelled/whispered at him

"Oooo someone's fiesty." He whispered. "Me likey!"

"God Eli! Lay off the girl would ya?" The girl next to me said

"Fine" He grumbled. Then continued to pay attention to the lesson.

"I'm Aj by the way." She smiled extending her hand out to me. I shook her hand

"My name is Gabriella"I smiled. Something about her I liked. And it wasn't her freakishly bleached white hair. I guess she reminded me of California. Her sun kissed skin and her brilliant white smile was refreshing.

"So..tell me, why is a pretty girl like in a dumb place like this?" She asked. I shrugged my shoulders and tried to focus on the lesson. " Okay pretty girl, I like a mystery anyway" She smiled then turned to the teacher

Finally it was lunch. I sighed in relief that I made it through half of the day... I found a seat at a table with literally no one at it. I really didn't care what others would think of me if I sat by my self. I wanted some allloooonnnneee time. But of course that was ruined by Aj, who came and sat right across of me on the table.

"Hiii pretty girl" She said.

"My name is Gabriella and I would like it if you could call me that.."

"Whatever pretty girl." She laughed. She called over some over her friends who sat at my table that was once empty. " Guys this is Gabriella"

"Hey" they all said at once. You could tell they were all followers of Aj. How none of them stood out. Because Aj was always in the front. There were only 5 of them but it seem liked more when the cafeteria eyed my table.

"Hi" I replied. Picking through my cafeteria food ignoring their conversation and their attempts of making me join in.

"Ahem!" Someone said loudly. I looked up to find Aj looking at me I raised my eyebrow at her "So pretty girl where are you from?"

"For the last time my name is Gabre-"

"Who the hell do you think your talking to?!" She slammed her hand on table making everyone at the table jump including me. I bit my tongue, I've gotten in a lot of drama in California and I'm not tying to start it with this girl. But she's asking for it.

"I think I'm talking to you!" I snapped at her. "I'm not scared of you bitch!"

"You messed with the wrong one pretty girl.." She smiled. "I will ruin your life!"

"Bring it on!"I smiled back. She stomped her foot and walked off with her followers.

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