Brothers Band mate

(This story is about a girl who moves to Australia to see her brother again she meets her brothers friend Calum and falls in love will they get together or will Talya have to keep her feelings for Calum to herself?)Talya is a sweet small cute girl she can be really sensitive but can also break someone in half her best friend Peyton has been her friend since the 5th grade. Talya and peyton are juniors in high school and are both 16. The girls are living in LA,California Talya lives with her dad because her mum and dad got divorced when she was a baby she has one brother named Luke and hes 17 also a junior in high school they're really close but haven't seen eachother in 9 years because Luke lives with their mum in Sydney,Australia. One day Talya gets a phone call from her brother that may change her entire future He says she should move to Australia and live with him and our mum will she do it? Read to find out!!!


4. talking with mum

Talya's p.o.v.

As soon as Peyton went home i went to go check mums room to see if she was home i looked in her room but nobody was there i checked the living room but it was empty too,finally i checked in the gym and saw mum i said "hey mum!" she took an earbud out and said "hi sweetheart whacha up to?" I said "nothing really but do u have a moment to talk?" she said "is it urgrnt or can it wait till im done" i replyed, "it can wait."   *10 minutes later*    I was sitting on the couch watching tv when my mum  sat down next to me. she said "so what did u need to talk to me about?" i took a deep breath and said "well...i was thinking of moving Australia with luke and dad."she stopped and said "ok first of all how are you going to get there?' i said to mum "luke has been saving up his money and he wants to fly  me out there to live with him" mums eyes shut when she opend them she sighed and said "ok Talya you are almost an adult and can be responsible with your decisions but is moving to Australia something you really wanna do?" i thought for a moment and said "it is... it really is",mum sighed again and said "ok darling if this is something you really wanna do than i think you are capable of doing it" i got so happy maybe a bit to happy and screamed "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" and pulled mum in for a big hug then she said "ill only let you go on one condition..." i said "of corse,anything!" she said "you will need to come visit me every once in a while" i said to her "dont worry i dont think id live without visiting." After talking with mum we enjoyed our dinner then i headed upstairs to call luke. It was 6:00pm here which ment it was 9:00am in australia so i knew that luke was awake.I called luke and he picked up on the first ring and said "What did mum say" i said to luke, "no hello?" he sighed and said "sorry,hello Talya ok now what did mum say?" i heard people in the backround of lukes call it sounded like they were throwing death threats at eachother i asked luke "whos with you?" he said "oh those are just my friends Ashton,Michael,and Calum...there playing call of duty" i said "oh makes sense but anyway mum said its ok with her but luke are you sure you wanna spend all this money for me?" luke immeditly answed with "of corse Talya!! It would make me so happy to see you everyday!! Anyway when do you want to come?" i said "probably in like a week." luke said "ok i will book your flight and tell you when it is. will u be able to put all your things in a few suitcases?" I told luke "yeah i dont have much stuff so it should be able to fit but anyway i got to go make my last week in Texas the best so call me when the flight is booked." he said "ok talk to you later" then i said "ok bye love ya" then hung up. This is going to be a long week. 

Author's Note:

hope you liked this chapter im pretty sure ill be able to finish the next one today thx for reading bye!!

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