Brothers Band mate

(This story is about a girl who moves to Australia to see her brother again she meets her brothers friend Calum and falls in love will they get together or will Talya have to keep her feelings for Calum to herself?)Talya is a sweet small cute girl she can be really sensitive but can also break someone in half her best friend Peyton has been her friend since the 5th grade. Talya and peyton are juniors in high school and are both 16. The girls are living in LA,California Talya lives with her dad because her mum and dad got divorced when she was a baby she has one brother named Luke and hes 17 also a junior in high school they're really close but haven't seen eachother in 9 years because Luke lives with their mum in Sydney,Australia. One day Talya gets a phone call from her brother that may change her entire future He says she should move to Australia and live with him and our mum will she do it? Read to find out!!!


16. skating

Peyton's p.o.v.

Talya's been wanting to go to the skatepark all day. Shes probably asked luke about 30 times after about an hour of her asking luke he finally agreed to take her. She  screamed "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" She ran upstairs to grab her skateboard. Since i was completly bored out of my mind i decided to come. We were about to leave when all of a sudden Michael,Calum and Ashton decided at the last minute that they wanted to come too. i dont even think any of them know how to skate! we got into seprate cars and headed to the skate park. we arrived and Talya bolted out of the car. She grabbed her skateboard from the trunk and headed to the gate opening.her skateboard looked really cool it was purple and had skulls (heres a picture)

as soon as she opend the gate i had caught up to her she walked in and looked around. the guys finally came through the gate and started walking toward us. when they got here luke said to Talya "What are you doing you were so excited to come and now your not even gonna skate?!?" she said "hang on Luke! theres so much and i dont know where to start!" Then ashton said "go to the rail thingy" she set her skateboard down and rode it to the rail and did a rail grind. I only know the name of the trick because Talya tried to teach me to skate but it was just too hard.I've just decided to stick to cheer.i did cheer back in Texas and competed.i really want to find a good cheer place here but i might have to wait a while *45 minutes later*   we were finally going home and Talya screwed herself up. she at least had 10 scrapes but im pretty used to this shed always go home from the skatepark with a bunch. she gets these wounds not because shes a bad skater but because she tries to learn so many new tricks each time she goes to the skatepark and it usually ends up with cuts,scrapes,and bruises.We got home and luke went with Talya to go clean her cuts.about 5 minutes later talya came and sat next to me and the boys on the couch there was a moment of silence but then talya's phone rang she got up and walked to her room to answer it. i stayed downstairs with the guys thinking of something to do sadly nothing came to mind...i am bored out of my mind.

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