Brothers Band mate

(This story is about a girl who moves to Australia to see her brother again she meets her brothers friend Calum and falls in love will they get together or will Talya have to keep her feelings for Calum to herself?)Talya is a sweet small cute girl she can be really sensitive but can also break someone in half her best friend Peyton has been her friend since the 5th grade. Talya and peyton are juniors in high school and are both 16. The girls are living in LA,California Talya lives with her dad because her mum and dad got divorced when she was a baby she has one brother named Luke and hes 17 also a junior in high school they're really close but haven't seen eachother in 9 years because Luke lives with their mum in Sydney,Australia. One day Talya gets a phone call from her brother that may change her entire future He says she should move to Australia and live with him and our mum will she do it? Read to find out!!!


15. Ihop

Talya's p.o.v.

Peyton and I were getting ready to start our day. i was wearing my blink 182 muscle T with my red and black flannel,my black skinny jeans,my converse,and my black and grey batman hat. peyton was wearing a black t-shirt with a white ouline of a pokeball,black skinny jeans,dock martens and yup! you guessed it her makeup was perfect! As soon as we finished getting ready we walked downstairs, the boys were all on the couch playing call of duty. they were also screaming at eachother. Luke was the first one to look up. he saw us and said "oh hey girls sorry you had to see that."luke stopped the game and all the boys screamed something at luke one said "awh come on!" another said "what the heckl!" and im pretty sure the third just secremed "Luke!" i laughed just as luke said "so do you guys wanna go out to breakfast?" before anyone could speak michael screamed "IHOP, WE ARE GOING TO IHOP!" luke said "umm ok ihop it is" michael screamed "YES!" and bolted out the door. Peyton,Luke and I got into lukes toyota avlon and the other guys went in ashtons car. we were driving to ihop and we passed a skatepark i immeditly jolted up and screamed "OH MY GOD THAT SKATEPARK LOOKS AMAZING!!" luke looked at me through the rear view mirror and laughed. i screamed again "LUKE CAN WE PLEASE GO THERE LATER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEE!!" luke said "um yeah sure" and smiled. we arived in the ihop parking lot right after the other car.luke said "oh boy its crowed!" he was right even the seats where you wait was full.luke said "Talya could you go see how ;long the wait is?" i replied with "why me??" luke said "cause your the smallest and we cant all fit in there right now its to crowded!" i sighed and walked to the doors i was strugling to get through the crowed but somehow i maneged to do it i got to the counter and said to the lady standing there "hi how long is your wait?" she looked at me weird and said "does your mom know your here? your a bit young to be here all by yourself." i was so mad i said to her "im 16!" then she said "yup thats what they all say! go get your parents!" i stormed out and luke said "whats wrong?" i guess he could tell i was mad. i said "that idiot at the counter wouldnt tell me what the wait is because she thought i was a kid! she said i need to go get my parents!"luke started busting out laughing i said "Luke its not funny!" he said "actully it really is!" i sighed and gave him a face. he said "ok ok ill go ask"he got up and went in. when he came out he said ok we have about 30 minutes. yay 30 minutes of absolute boredom!   *30 minutes later* finally the buzzer went of. we walked inside and the waiter said "ok right this way" we all  followed her to a table. she motioned her hand toward the table and we all sat down.i was in between luke and calum in the booth and ashton michael and peyton were sitting in chairs. she was handing us the menus and when she got to me she put down a kids menu. this time both peyton and luke were cracking up. i was about to ask for a diffrent menu but i realized the waiter had already left. I put my back to the back of the seat and crossed my arms calum said "here use my menu" and handed it to me i smiled and said "thank you so much!" and he smiled back. we ate our breakfast and left. we are NEVER coming back to this Ihop!

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