Brothers Band mate

(This story is about a girl who moves to Australia to see her brother again she meets her brothers friend Calum and falls in love will they get together or will Talya have to keep her feelings for Calum to herself?)Talya is a sweet small cute girl she can be really sensitive but can also break someone in half her best friend Peyton has been her friend since the 5th grade. Talya and peyton are juniors in high school and are both 16. The girls are living in LA,California Talya lives with her dad because her mum and dad got divorced when she was a baby she has one brother named Luke and hes 17 also a junior in high school they're really close but haven't seen eachother in 9 years because Luke lives with their mum in Sydney,Australia. One day Talya gets a phone call from her brother that may change her entire future He says she should move to Australia and live with him and our mum will she do it? Read to find out!!!


8. a week later

Talya's p.o.v

The day of the flight has come,luckily the seat next to mine was still availible when peyton was buying her ticket so well get to sit next to each other.Peyton also bought an apartment because she thought it would be fun to live on her was really cute and only a block away from my house. i had just woken up showerd then changed into some black skinny jeans my nirvana shirt a black hoodie (unzipped) and my black converse i never really put on makeup because i dont like the feeling and without it i dont look much diffrent for my hair i just kept it down and put on my black batman hat that says gotham city and of corse it was backward after i put on my hat i grabbed my 1 suit case and 1 backpack i decided to leave my posters here in Texas because i didnt want them to get ruined during travel. i walked downstairs with my luggage and saw mum she said "hey sweetheart are you ready?" i said "ya" and we walked outside toward the car.she was gonna drop me and peyton off at the airport since peytons parent wernt home,luckily they let peyton move with me, as we were driving to peytons house i realized i havent eaten yet but i dont really need to because i dont eat much and when i do i barely eat anything,its weird but oh well. we got to peytons house and i texted her to let her know we were here she replyed with "ok;)" about 2 minutes later she walked out of her house with 2 suitcases and a backpack,of corse her makeup was perfect. i got out of the car to help her i grabbed two of her bags and put them in the trunk luckily my mum was driving the truck so we could fit all our bags in it. An hour later we arrived at the airport. we hopped out of the car and grabbed our bags my mum helped us. after going through security we were going to board the plane i looked at my mum and could see the sadness in her eyes i let go of my suitcase and slipped my backpack off they fell to the floor in the same exact spot i stepped foward and hugged my mum my arms wrapped around i hugged her i could feel a tear rolling down my face. she pulled away from the hug and looked at me she wiped the tear off my cheek and said "sweetie dont wory well see eachother soon enough." i smiled a little and she kissed my cheek then she said "ok your on your own now kiddo" i grabed my backpack and put it on my sholders then grabbed my  suitcase and headed towad the seats where you wait for the plane peyton said "goodbye Ms.Hemmings" and followed me to where i was gonna sit.

Authors Note:

Hey everyone next chapter is coming soon!!


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