Brothers Band mate

(This story is about a girl who moves to Australia to see her brother again she meets her brothers friend Calum and falls in love will they get together or will Talya have to keep her feelings for Calum to herself?)Talya is a sweet small cute girl she can be really sensitive but can also break someone in half her best friend Peyton has been her friend since the 5th grade. Talya and peyton are juniors in high school and are both 16. The girls are living in LA,California Talya lives with her dad because her mum and dad got divorced when she was a baby she has one brother named Luke and hes 17 also a junior in high school they're really close but haven't seen eachother in 9 years because Luke lives with their mum in Sydney,Australia. One day Talya gets a phone call from her brother that may change her entire future He says she should move to Australia and live with him and our mum will she do it? Read to find out!!!


12. a new living

Talya's p.o.v.

It was so nice to see luke again.It felt like i was in a dream about to wake up...but nope,this is real. It was cool that i got to meet lukes friends.michael seemed really funny and hiper,ashton seemed really awesosme and chill,and calum was REALLLLY cute and sweet. Me and peyton walked out of the airport side by side with the boys.Luke said "ok girls you can come in my car and they boys will ride in ashtons car" me and peyton at the same time said "ok" and continued to walk.I saw luke hold up his keys to a car to unlock it he said "alright you ready to go?" i nodded and me and peyton got in the back. we stared driving and my eyelids started to get heavy.Its still so strange to me that i can sleep for a whole day, wake up, and still be  we were driving luke and peyton were chatting. i ended up leaning on peyton and falling asleep.ive done this MANY times one because me and peyton are really close friends and two because i just sleep a lot. Suddenly i felt a big shake i opend my eyes and saw peyton with her arm on my sholder saying "wake up Talya were at your house!!!" i moaned and sat up i saw all four boys staring at me from outside the car. then luke said "awww Talya you look so adorable when you sleep" i looked at luke with a confused face then peyton said "ya she lookes the same everytime she falls asleep i mess with her alot and call her a baby cause she looks like one when she sleeps" everyone laughed and i started to turn red i looked down at my shoes and luke said "Talya chill thats a compliment" and laughed even more. i said "ya whatever lets go inside." i grabbed my black backpack and luke grabbed my other bag we walked inside and the house looked empty with boxes scatterd around. Luke said "come, ill show you your room" i looked over my sholder and grabbed peytons hand and and started pulling her with me. luke walked upstairs toward a room and we followed. he led us into a room and said "this is all yours" and smiled i let go of peytons hand and walked deeper into the room it was really nice it had  a queen sized bed with a black bedframe and 2 black nightstands on either side of the bed. The floor was a tan colored carpet that was really soft. I turned to luke and said "i love it!!" and ran over to hug him i grabbed his waist and he hugged back i hear a voice from the doorway say "awwww" i turned to see who it was... of corse it was michael. I blushed and luke said "shut up michael" in a sarcastic tone and we all laughed luke then said "peyton if youd like you can spend the night and we can go to your apartment tomorrow. have like a sleepover...i guess." Peyton lauged and said "Sure that would be cool!" then luke said to the guys "do you guys wana spend the night too?" they all looked at eachother and nodded then luke said "ok cool." i had a feeling there was something missing then i realized of corse! i said out loud "hey luke wheres dad?" luke said "oh yeah i forgot to tell you, hes on a buisness trip but he wanted to say sorry she couldnt welcome you. he'll be back in a few days." i replied with "oh, oh well" luke said "soo what do you guys wanna do we can go to the pool,the park,the ice cream store...anything!"  then michael said "POOL!!!" luke looked at me as if he were asking if thats ok with me i said "umm sure that would be fun." Luke said "ok well then lets get changed into our bathing suits." he turned to the boys and asked "did you guys bring you baithing suits?" they all nodded luke said "alright" and walked out of the room.the boys followed. me and peyton walked to our bags opend them up and grabbed our bathing suits.after we changed i sat on the bed with a towel wrapped around me and then i turned on my phone i was looking down at it when someone grabbed it from my hands i said "heyy!!" and looked up it was luke and he said "come on hurry up!" i sighed and stood up peyton looked at me and then grabbed my arm and started to pull me toward the stairs that the boys were already walking down.luke opend the door to the backyard. It was really pretty there was a ton of lounge chairs and the pool looked really and peyton put our towels on a chair and then we all walked over to the pool i sat at the edge and put my foot in it felt really cold but it probably wasnt. im always cold for some reason i looked to the side of me and saw all the boys were already in the water then all of a sudden i was too.Peyton had pushed me in i came above the water and wrapped my arms around myself to keep me warm i screamed "ITS FREEZING!" and everyone looked at me like i was crazy. Peyton laughed and said "why are you always so cold?!?" we laughed and hung out in the water.I could tell living in australia was going to be so much fun.

Authors Note:

Hello everyone im so sorry i havent been posting too much :( this last week was really hectic hopefully ill be able to start posting reguraly again. thx for reading hope you enjoyed!<3

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