Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


6. Unseen Demons

 There is a guild that is deep into the forest of Magnolia called the Purple Dragon's Fang. It's an evil guild that has been destructive in the past. They also have a dragon slayer, it is a Dark Lighting Dragon Slayer, who can eat lighting and use it as magic energy. His name is Kasai Steelix. He has destroyed some little guilds and also have severely injured mages that have faced off with him. The guild master is calling his guild members to a meeting in the hall. 

 "We have gotten word that our old member Katsu Dragsteel has joined that low-down guild Fairy Tail." The guild master says. 

 "You mean that other Dragon Slayer? Hmf, I should have known that." A man in a white armor, and has tan hair says. "He shouldn't have been a Dragon Slayer in the first place." A girl with blonde hair looks at him. 

 "Well, from what I heard he is stronger than he was when he joined us Kasai." The girl says. 

 "Gracie Katsu wasn't strong, he only defeated me once, and how many times did I run his face in the dirt with my fist?" Kasai says holding up his hand and clenches it in her face. She rolls her eyes. She has blonde hair, and ice blue eyes. Her tank top is ice blue and black. She has a glove that goes to her elbow and it has the guilds symbol in ice blue. She is wearing a black shirt with white tennis shoes. 

 "Gracie and Kasai stop fighting!" The guild master yells with anger. "We must find him soon, or else things could get ugly for us." He smirks. 


 Meanwhile Katsu, Erza, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Juvia are hanging out at Yuki's inn. She is serving them foods and drinks. Katsu is sitting at a table with Erza. Natsu is sitting at a table with Lucy, and Happy, and Gray is sitting with Juvia.

 "Yuki, where did you learn to cook?" Natsu asks eating every bit of his food. Yuki smiles. 

 "I learned from my mother who had this inn before me, when she passed I became control over it. Glad you're liking what I cooked." Yuki says smiling. She washes the dishes. Katsu eats his food with Snowy. Natsu gets done with four bowls of what Yuki cooked him before anyone ever took a bite out of their food. 

 "Man i'm stuffed!" Natsu says rubbing his belly. Lucy looks dumbfounded at him.

 "Natsu, please eat like a normal person." Lucy says eating her salad. Katsu gets done eating with Snowy. He gets up and then he has a flash back of when he was in Purple Dragon's Fang guild. He holds his head and feels dizzy. Erza looks up and sees Katsu holding his head with his eyes tightly shut. She gets up and holds him up. 

 "Katsu are you okay?" Erza asks. His flash back goes away and everyone looks at him. He walks toward the stairs. 

 "Y-yeah i'm okay, just a little lightheaded is all." Katsu says as he goes up to the stairs, Yuki knows what really happened and she follows him. He falls on his bed and Yuki coaxes him. 

 "It happened again didn't it?" Yuki asks looking worriedly at him.  

 "Yeah, it did." Katsu says. Yuki sits on his bed. 

 "I'm here if you need anything." Yuki says, she kisses his forehead and she walks down the stairs. Katsu sits up in his bed and puts his head on his arm. 

 "Again..." Katsu says quietly. He looks into the mirror and sees a reflection of a little girl. He gasps at the sight of her. "N-no!" Katsu says. He shakes his head and looks back at the mirror and sees his reflection. "Its just another illusion." Katsu says, then he hears the little girls voice saying "please protect me." Katsu's eyes grow wider. "I'm just hearing things." Katsu says to himself. He looks to his side and sees the little girl. Out of fright he screams. Natsu and the others hear the scream and they are on guard. Yuki gets worried and runs upstairs. 

 "Stay here guys!" Yuki yells from the stairway. They follow her command. Erza looks worried. 

 "Katsu isn't acting like Katsu." Erza says. 

 "Yeah he is down today." Gray says. 

 "Guys he might be sick you never know." Lucy says. Yuki comes running into Katsu's room and he is white as a ghost. His eyes are open wide

 "I-I seen her again..." Katsu says. Yuki sits on his bed. 

 "Just try to get rest Katsu, when you're awake it makes it worse." Yuki says coaxing him. Katsu is shaking. 

 "I'll have nightmares if I do." Katsu says. Yuki looks worried. 

 "Katsu, you're going to have to go to sleep." Yuki says brushing his hair with her hand. "We made it stop before, and you went to sleep." Yuki says. "Or you can take a bath to relax your mind." Yuki says. Katsu gets up and Yuki also does. He takes off his jacket. 

 "I'll take a bath then." Katsu walks to her bathroom and Yuki stands in his room worried.

 "I hope it stops. He could get seriously hurt if it happens on a quest that involves fighting a mage." Yuki says worrying over her friend. Katsu takes off his shirt and reveals an average muscular body. He looks in the mirror and sees his body. He sighs in relief. He takes the rest of his cloths off and runs the water and turns it to hot. He looks in the mirror and tries to not think of the horrible accident with the little girl. He remembered her going up to him and she was beaten and her cloths were torn. She was asking him to help her that mean guys was after her. He was going to save her but a magic energy blast hit her and she instantly died. It was Kasai who killed the little girl and Katsu blamed himself for not stopping the blast. After that Katsu disbanded from the guild, and he never joined another guild until two days ago. Katsu grits his teeth. 

 "Kasai." Katsu says in anger. He looks over at the tub and it is almost full, he walks over to the tub and turns off the water and he gets in. The warmth of the water makes him relax. He lays his head back, then he hears the girl's voice again and he opens his eyes and looks down at the tub. The little girl is crawling in the tub. Katsu freaks out and gets out of the tub he trips and falls onto the ground and looks at the tub where the little girl is crawling. "It's just an illusion." Katsu says closing his eyes. He opens them and he doesn't see or hear the girl. Yuki heard a thump and she walks to the door from her room. 

 "Katsu you okay in there?" Yuki asks leaning her head to the door. Katsu gets up and he drains the water.

 "Yeah i'm okay I just tripped is all." Katsu says. He puts on his bathrobe and opens the door. Yuki steps back. 

 "You sure?" Yuki says. She walks to her bed and sits on it. 

 "Yeah, i'm sure." Katsu says smiling at her and going out of her room. He walks down the stairs to get something to drink. Erza, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Juvia are all standing there at the table. Erza noticed Katsu walking down the stairs. She walks over to him. 

 "Are you sick Katsu?" Erza asks. 

 "Nah, i'm just feeling lightheaded." Katsu says. Erza walks with him to the counter and Katsu fixes him something to drink and leaves some change on the table. 

 "So will you go on a quest with us?" Erza asks. 

 "Uh, maybe tomorrow, because I need to get some rest." Katsu says. He hears the voice again and the little girl is standing behind Erza saying will you protect me? Katsu tries to ignore it, but the voices get louder in his head. Katsu puts his hand on the counter and he closes his eyes. 

 "Katsu are you okay?" Erza asks. She puts her hand on his back. Katsu nods. The voices gets louder and louder. Katsu shakes his head and then they stop. Katsu looks at Erza and nods. 

 "I'm okay now." Katsu says. 


 Later that night Yuki is sitting on Katsu's bed watching him sleep. She brushes his hair back and moves her hand on his cheek and feels how warm his cheeks are. She remembers how they first met when they was kids. Katsu was walking in the rain with torn cloths and saying where are you mom? She noticed him in the rain and she tells her mother. Her mother came out of the door and she got Katsu out of the rain and they took care of him. Katsu and Yuki are like brother and sister. She smiles and then she kisses his head and tells him goodnight. Snowy is sitting on the bed holding in a laugh. Torrie looks at him and glares at him. 

 "Snowy, why do you think me and Katsu like each other?" Yuki asks.

 "Well you two have known each other for a long time. Plus your mother thought it was cute how you two use to sleep together." Snowy says. Yuki rolls her eyes. 

 "That's when we was little, we're practically adults now." Yuki says. Snowy shakes his head and crosses his arms. 

 "No, you're an adult, and Katsu is a teenager still. He is seventeen, while you're eighteen." Snowy says. Yuki looks at Katsu's face and watches him sleep. 

 "Still, we're like brother and sister." Yuki says. Snowy shakes his head. 

 "But not biological. Your mother only had you. Your father died before you was born, and he wanted a boy, but he got a girl, but your mother basically adopted Katsu." Snowy says. 

 "See we're brother and sister." Yuki says brushing Katsu's hair. "He protected me like a sister when we went to school together. The bullies were scared because Katsu could light his fist on fire. He got expelled because he accidentally put a boy's hair on fire because he was bulling me." Yuki says, she giggles at the memory. Snowy smiles and Yuki gets up and walks to the door.

 "You can sleep with Katsu." Snowy says teasing Yuki. Yuki glares at him.

 "He is my brother you perverted cat." Yuki says harshly. Snowy laughs and Yuki walks out of the door and closes his door and walks into her's. She closes her door and walk to her bed. She lays on the bed and goes to sleep. Snowy curls up to Katsu's head. 

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