Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


7. The Team of Fire and Wind

 Katsu is sitting at a table with Snowy who is sitting on the table. A small girl walks toward Katsu. She looks at him. She has purple blue hair that has red bows that make twin tails. Her eyes are dark purple. She is wearing a school jacket with a white collared shirt under the jacket, she has an orange bow tie. She is wearing a black skirt and carrying and green bag. 

 "Uh, hi i'm Wendy Marvell. Erza told me to team up with you on some quests." Wendy says hesitating a bit. 

 "Oh okay, well i'm Katsu Dragsteel." Katsu says offering a handshake. Wendy slowly shakes his hand. Her exceed rolls her eyes. 

 "Miss you don't know where his hands have been, so why did you shake his hand?" Her exceed asks looking at her seriously. Wendy lowers her head down. 

 "I'm sorry Carla, but he was being nice." Wendy says bowing to her little exceed. Carla nods. Katsu tilts his head in confusion. 

 "She called you miss. Aren't you a little girl?" Katsu asks. Wendy smiles. 

 "She is like an assistant, she is very fancy." Wendy says. Carla nods. Snowy looks at Wendy and Carla. He flies onto Katsu's shoulder. Wendy noticed Snowy flying onto Katsu's shoulder.

 "Wait so are you also a Dragon Slayer?" Wendy asks a bit excited. 

 "Yeah, i'm a Neo Fire Dragon Slayer." Katsu says snapping his fingers to make purple flames appear and disappear. Wendy smiles in amazement. 

 "Wow, that's amazing!" Wendy says. Katsu smirks. 

 "Glad you think so." Katsu says smiling. Wendy smiles back.

 "So how about we go on a quest?" Wendy asks. Katsu gets up from his chair.

 "I'm ready when you are." Katsu says. Wendy smiles. They go to the request board. Katsu picks out a quest that says to take out some bandits in West Tower Fort. Katsu gives it to Wemdy and she agrees. They walk out of the guild hall.


 Katsu and Wendy are walking in a forest toward West Tower Fort. Wendy looks at Katsu.

 "So, do you remember anything from your dragon?" Wendy asks. 

 "It's just parts of it I remember, like images of her." Katsu says. 

 "Oh so you had a mother like me." Wendy says. 

 "I guess so, she told me she would be back, but she never came back so I searched for her and that's when I found a wonderful friend, who works at Kuroshimi Inn." Katsu says. Snowy whispers in Katsu's ear.

 "You liiiike her." Snowy whispers. Katsu narrows his eyes.

 "Liiiike a sister." Katsu says mocking Snowy. Snowy giggles.

 "Liiiike a girlfriend." Snowy says back to him.

 "Liiiike a sista!" Katsu says.

 "Liiiike a wife!" Snowy says loudly. 

 "Liiiike a sis!" Katsu says more loudly. Snowy giggles and he looks at Wendy who is looking confused at them.

 "Who likes who as a sister?" Wendy asks.

 "Katsu likes Yuki as a girlfriend." Snowy says giggling. 

 "Snowy! I like her like a sister not a girlfriend." Katsu says. Wendy giggles. 

 "Well, either way its cute that you think of her as your sister." Wendy says smiling. Katsu smiles and Wendy slightly blushes because of how cute his smile was. She quickly turns her head. "Wh-what just happened?!" Wendy thought. 


 They get to the location and Katsu stands in front of the fort looking at the guards who have their arrows readied.

 "Shoot all you want, but i'll hit you before they hit me." Katsu says. He narrows his eyes and makes fire come from his left hand. 

 "Ready! Aim! Fire!" Says one of the guards. The arrows come at Katsu and Wendy. Wendy braces for impact. Katsu jumps at the arrows and burns them into ashes as he punches them with his left hand. He lands on the ground and looks up at the bowmen. They are frighten and they run. 

 "He is some sort of mega wizard!" Says one of the bowmen. Katsu puts both hands behind his head and smiles big with his eyes closed.

 "Well, I am a Dragon Slayer so I guess that makes me a mega wizard." Katsu says. He sees Wendy bust open the gate with her Sky Dragon Roar. Katsu follows behind her and attacks the swordsmen, and Wendy hits the other men with her Sky magic. Katsu makes flames go around him sending bandits in the air. They get finished fighting the bandits and they take their stolen chests and valuables. "Wow that was easier than I thought." Katsu says carrying a chest full of stolen gold and jewels. Wendy is carrying a bag of stolen items. 

 "Well they don't know any magic so of course they would." Wendy says smiling. They get to a nearby hotel and they rent a room for one night. Carla was disgusted how the room only had one bed, and two people. 

 "What kind of hotel is this? It's outrageous that a woman and a man have to sleep in the same bed together and they aren't even MARRIED!" Carla says disappointed that Wendy has to sleep with Katsu, and they aren't even dating or married. 

 "Carla, I can just make a mat on the floor." Wendy says. Carla looks even more disappointed.

 "YOU sleeping on the FLOOR, while HE sleeps on the BED? Miss have you gone insane?!" Carla asks. Katsu sits up on the bed.

 "It's okay Carla chill. We both can sleep on the bed with a barrier." Katsu says. Carla looks at Katsu dumbfounded.

 "And what might be the barrier?" Carla asks.

 "Its simple. You and Snowy." Katsu says. "So that you can push us away if we roll close to each other in our sleep." Carla looks dumbfounded again. 

 "Sir, that is the dumbest idea ever." Carla says.

 "Katsu, what about these?" Wendy asks holding up a pillow. Carla looks at her partner holding pillows.

 "Miss are you trying to sleep with him?!" Carla asks outrageously. Snowy is listening to the conversation. 

 "How about we all sleep on one side of the bed?" Snowy says. "Like Katsu sleeps with me, and Wendy sleeps with Carla. I'll be on the side near Wendy, and Carla will be on the side near Katsu." Snowy says. Carla facepalms.

 "There is no arguing wit you people." Carla says.


 Later that night Snowy and Carla was sleeping on the dresser. Carla was sleeping away from Snowy. Katsu and Wendy was sleeping on the bed with their back turned to each other and had at least a foot of space between them. Katsu was fully awake thinking about the guild and how his "sister" was doing, and if he will ever be a S-Class mage. Wendy was asleep already. Katsu closed his eyes and soon falls sleep. The next morning, Wendy is the first to wake up. She rubs her eyes and she looks over at Katsu who is on his side and haven't even moved a bit from where he was sleeping. She gets up and puts on her cloths from yesterday. Carla wakes up also and sees that Katsu hasn't moved from where she last saw him, and she looks at Wendy who is undressing herself. Carla flies to her. 

 "Good morning to you miss." Carla says bowing. Wendy smiles and bows to her too.

 "Good morning to you too Carla." Wendy says. Wendy and Carla go downstairs for breakfast, while Katsu and Snowy keep sleeping. Katsu wakes up sometime after they left. He looks at the ceiling. 

 "Good morning Snowy." Katsu says. He sits up and stretches and makes a sexual sound. Snowy wakes up and rubs his eyes. 

 "Good morning Katsu." Snowy says. He flies to the bed. Katsu looks at his exceed who is smiling deviously. Katsu narrow his eyes.

 "Don't say anything." Katsu says threatening his exceed. Snowy shakes his head.

 "Katsu and Yuki sitting in a tree." Snowy says singing a melody. 

 "Katsu and Yuki AREN'T sitting in a tree." Katsu says changing the words.

 "K.I.S.S.I.N.G." Snowy says making a kissing face. Katsu narrow his eyes.

 "Not K.I.S.S.I.N.G." Katsu says. 

 "First comes love." Snowy pretends to hug someone. 

 "First comes not love." Katsu says.

 "Second comes marriage." Snowy says acting like a groom kissing a bride. Katsu holds  up one finger and fire appears.

 "Second does not come marriage." Katsu says. 

 "Third comes thirty-two babies in a baby carriage." Snowy says pretending to carry a baby. 

 "Thirty-two?! I don't think I have enough juice for thirty-two damn babies!" Katsu says shocked. Snowy snickers and Katsu points his finger toward Snowy's mouth and he fires a tiny flame into Snowy's mouth. Snowy swallows the fire and his mouth and throat burns. 

 "K-Katsu you idiot!" Snowy says trying to get the burning taste out his mouth. Katsu laughs and then he gets up and puts on his jacket. 

 "Snowy will you stop saying lies about me and Yuki?" Katsu says smirking with one finger up with flames. 

 "Fine, you almost burned my mouth with your flames." Snowy says crossing his arms. 

 "Look, Snowy i'm sorry, so how does a plate full of fish sound as an apology?" Katsu asks. His exceed's eyes widen. 

 "Sounds great!" Snowy says hugging his friend. Katsu puts Snowy on his shoulder and they walk downstairs to the restaurant.  

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