Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


4. The First Real Quest


  Katsu wakes up, and Snowy is already up. 

 "Good morning early bird." Katsu says stretching. Snowy smiles, and he hands Katsu a job request. 

 "Erza told me to give you this. Her, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Juvia are all going, she wanted you to come with them." Snowy says. Katsu takes the paper and reads the headline, it says "Guilds of Magnolia please take this job request seriously, there is a man who is name Yuden Yusei who performs Black Magic rituals in the ruins of Akanam. Please get this under control." Katsu finishes reading it and looks surprised.

 "Wow, this guy name Yuden Yusei is really evil then. Well then lets go Snowy!" Katsu says. He smiles and then he gets up and grabs his jacket, and puts it on. Katsu walks out of the room and goes downstairs. He see's Erza sitting on the stool near the counter. Torrie points to Katsu, and Erza looks over to him. 

 "Hey Katsu, did Snowy inform you on the quest?" Erza asks. Katsu nods. He see's Gray and Natsu arguing outside the window with Lucy and Juvia trying to break them apart. Erza gets up and walks over to him. "So do you that this quest is going to be hard since he is a dark mage." Erza says. Katsu's attention is toward Gray with Natsu in a headlock and Natsu trying to get out of it. Erza keeps talking while Katsu doesn't listen but then Erza turns around and they stop fighting and start hugging each other as she turned her head. Katsu is confused when they automatically stop fighting.

 "Uh, Erza they stopped fighting." Katsu says. Erza smiles. 

 "They always fight, but they love each other the same." Erza says, she turns her head toward Katsu. Natsu and Gray start fighting again. "So do you understand how important this quest is to you?" Erza asks. Katsu nods. Erza smiles and they walk toward the door. "Alright!" Erza says loudly when she opens the door, Natsu and Gray fall down on the ground. "We now have Katsu and now we are going to the ruins of Akanam." Erza says she leads the group down the street. Snowy comes out of Katsu's jacket and flies onto his shoulder. 

 "This is it Snowy, our first big quest!" Katsu says quietly to his friend. 

 "Yeah, this is kinda exciting, but very scary." Snowy says shivering. 

 "Don't worry Snowy, i'll protect you." Katsu says smiling at his friend. They get to the entrance of the forest. Katsu is looking at the ruined pillars in the entrance. They have a dragon's head on them. Snowy hides in Katsu's jacket. Erza stops and turns around. 

 "This is the location of the Black Magic mage. He must be in that ruin ahead." Erza says. 

 "Erza we've been through this before with Zeref, I can handle this." Natsu says smirking and rolling his arm for a warm up.

 "I know you have, but this mage is different Natsu, i'm sure he is much weaker than Zeref, but we have to at least give Katsu and chance." Erza says reminding him Katsu is just a starter. 

 "Okay, i'll give Katsu a chance." Natsu says frowning. Erza turns around and starts walking in the ruins. Katsu follows and Snowy peeks his head out, and looks around. Think dead trees block the sun so the path looks darker than it actually is. Snowy puts his head back into Katsu's jacket. Lucy looks at the bulge in Katsu's jacket. 

"Is he scared?" Lucy asks. 

 "Yeah, but he'll have to get out of my jacket when I fight, or if I do." Katsu says. Lucy smiles.

 "I'm sure you will, you are pretty strong though." Lucy says. She walks up to Natsu and they are talking, Gray and Juvia are also talking, and Erza is by herself leading the group. Katsu keeps walking and they reach the entrance of the ruins. Erza turns around once more. 

 "We're here, everyone be safe, and work as a team, Natsu and Gray." She narrows her eyes at them and they act all friendly to each other. "Now that we are clear of that lets go in." Erza opens the door and walks in the others follow. Katsu looks around the ruins and he sees sculptors of dragons and people. some of the sculptors are missing pieces or broken. There are some cracks in the wall and pictures with aging fade to them. Katsu walks with the group looking at the pictures. 

 "Kinda reminds you of Galuna Island." Gray says looking around the hall. 

 "Yeah it kinda does." Lucy says. They walk to another room and they have armors and weapons in display cases. Erza looks at the different types of armors and weapons. Lucy is looking at the pictures with Natsu, and Gray is looking at the sculptors with Juvia. Katsu walks over to Erza and he looks at the weapons display. Erza notices he is standing right beside her. 

 "This must be exciting for you, because it's your first real quest." Erza says. She looks at him. 

 "Yeah, i'm a little nervous because it's about another powerful mage." Katsu says. Erza smiles then rumbling starts up in the lower floor. "What the hell?" Katsu questions as the floor shakes. Erza summons a sword and is on guard. Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Juvia are also on guard. Katsu lights his fists on fire and looks at the ground. 

 "Guys, stay on guard!" Erza says warning them others. The ground cracks and they fall through the ground and Natsu saves Happy and Lucy while Gray saves Juvia and her eyes sparkle, and Katsu keeps Snowy safe in his jacket and Erza summons a shield. Katsu turns his back toward the ground to make sure Snowy doesn't get crushed when he falls. They hit the ground and the ground falls through again and Katsu's back hurts from the fall. 

 "Happy help us out here!" Natsu says holding Lucy. Happy's wings appear and grabs Natsu's jacket and hovers. 

 "Come on Snowy!" Katsu says. Snowy embraces his fears and his wings appear and he grabs onto Katsu's shirt and Katsu catches Erza's hand. Gray makes an ice platform and Juvia makes water to break their fall. Erza looks up and see Katsu holding her hand. She looks around for everyone else and she see's Happy with Natsu while Natsu is holding Lucy, Gray in standing on a platform with Juvia. She sighs in relief.

 "Everyone is okay, good." Erza says to herself.

 "Erza you okay?" Katsu asks looking up from where they fell. Snowy still holds Katsu's shirt. 

 "I'm okay, and everyone else is too." Erza says. Katsu nods. Snowy flies down to the ground with Happy. Gray and Juvia jump down from the platform and they land on their feet. Katsu lets go of Erza's hand and she lands on her feet and Snowy lets Katsu's shirt go and he also lands on his feet. Happy lets go of Natsu, and Natsu lets go of Lucy. Katsu looks ahead of him and sees and door with purple dark light coming from the bottom of the door. 

 "He is just beyond the door." Katsu says lighting his left fist on fire and looking serious. Erza summons her sword, Natsu lights his fists on fire, Lucy gets out one of her keys, Gray makes ice blades from his hand and elbow, and Juvia makes water from her hands. Katsu walks to the door and opens it seeing a man with red long hair, a trench coat that is red and yellow and he has black boots. Yuden looks back.

 "Looks like I have company." Yuden says looking behind him and looks at the group. 

 "We're here to end what you're doing!" Natsu says with a deepen tone. 

 "Aye!" Happy says while on Natsu's back. Katsu looks at Yuden.

 "Ah, the Salamander, Titania, Ice boy, Rain Woman, and the Celestial Wizard, and some dark haired boy with a white cat. You have come to end what i'm doing? Don't talk, what you can't back up Salamander." Yuden says. He opens his eyes and the door shuts behind them.   

 "Hey, we are going to stop what the hell you are doing!" Natsu says lunging at him for a punch, but Katsu puts his arm out in front of him, and he stops. 

 "I'll deal with this." Katsu says sternly. Yuden smirks. Katsu takes off his jacket and hands it to Erza. "Keep Snowy safe. This might get ugly." Katsu says. Erza nods and he walks ten feet from Yuden. 

 "So you're gonna fight me? I don't know who you even are boy!" Yuden says. He makes dark aura come from his open hands. 

 "I know you don't, but you're about to." Katsu lights his entire body on fire with purple flames going around him. They stare into each others eyes. 

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