Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


11. The Final Showdown

 Erza and the others get to the other floor. Katsu had to carry Wendy because she was still recovering from her injuries. Carla sat on Katsu's shoulder and Snowy sat on the other one. Katsu holds Wendy's legs as she is on his back. Her arms are wrapped around his neck and her head laying on his shoulder blades. Erza looks around at the area. The ground is dark purple almost like Katsu's guild mark. Gray walks next to Erza and has his guard up just in case someone comes to fight them. Katsu walks beside Gray and he looks around. 

 "There isn't much here but a few statues and old stuff." Katsu says looking around. Erza looks beside them and a huge magic energy blast comes their way. Her and Gray move out of the way, and Katsu jumps over it holding onto Wendy's legs. The blast hits the wall making a crossfire and most of the area is in ruins. Katsu lands on the ground and sercures Wendy. He looks behind him and everything the blast hit was destroyed. Erza looks ahead and see two men walking her way. She quickly gets up and Gray gets ready to fight. Katsu lets Wendy down and she holds onto Katsu's sleeve. 

 "Katsu you might not want to fight in this battle. You don't have that much magic energy left." Snowy says. 

 "I'm not going to fight in this battle, but I will if I have to." Katsu says.

 "I agree with Snowy, you used up a lot of your magic energy fight that copy mage. Don't push yourself." Wendy says gripping Katsu's sleeve harder. Katsu looks ahead at Erza and Gray. 

 "Erza Scarlet, and Gray Fullbuster." Says one man. He has long spiky black hair with the front almost covering half his face. He has a black trench coat on. His pants are a bit baggy, with a line going down them and they are black also. The other has shades and he has a trench coat as well but it is white. His pants are the same as the other guy's but his are white. His hair is laid down and it is silver. 

 "Hmf, you know our names. We must be very popular." Gray says standing straight up. 

 "You are indeeded, but for now you're history!" The black haired man sends a purple magical blast at Gray. Gray dodges it and he makes a ice bow and sends ice arrows at the two men. They make a shield together and the ice arrows break. Gray gasps.

 "Damn it." Gray says clenching his fists. Erza summons a armor and a spear. She stands there holding the spear upright. 

 "Gray let me handle these guys. You stay back for back up. There isn't anyone else to help us, because Katsu and Wendy used up a lot of their magic energy fighting their battles. Its time for the S-Class members to fight." Erza says looking at the two men. 

 "Alright. Just make sure you don't get hurt. You're the strongest we have right now." Gray says. He backs up from the battlefield. Erza takes the spear off the ground and holds it horizonal. Gray stands back ready to fight with Erza if needed. 

"So its just the Titianina for now." The one with black hair says. 

 "As long as the other one doesn't get involved, then yes." Erza says. "Since you know my name, what is yours?" 

 "My name is Boruto Muto. I am the king of this place. Now that it is in ruins, i'll have to find another place." Boruto says. 

 "So we finally met the person who's in charge, well i'm sorry to break it to you, but you're not going to find some place else, because you'll be laying here for some hours." Erza says. She readies herself to fight Boruto. Boruto spreads his legs and clenches his fists. Boruto comes running at Erza. She dodges his punch and she attacks him with her spear. He grabs it and slings it toward the wall. Erza goes with it and she slides on the ground. Boruto sends a purple magical energy blast toward her. She slices it in half and it explodes. She comes out of the smoke and hits Boruto across the face with her elbow. She tries to trip him, bust he jumps over the spear and then attacks her with his purple magic blast. She slades on the ground on her stomach. She gets up without struggling. "I'm done playing around!" Erza says. She summons swords that are behind her. They are aimming at Boruto. She sends them in his direction and he dodges all of them and he sends a purple energy blast to her. She gets hit by it and she hits the wall and she catches herself before she feel on the ground. Boruto smirks. The wall collapses and a purple claw hits her and she hits another wall and falls down. She gets back up. 

 "Dammit! Erza is getting hurt out there!" Katsu says. Wendy is still holding onto his sleeve. Snowy and Carla are standing beside each other watching the fight.

 "Erza usually doesn't get beaten up this badly." Wendy says. Erza looks at Boruto walking towards her. 

 "Come on! I thought you was strong Erza!" Boruto says walking towards her. 

 "I am. Just tick me off and see what happens." Erza says picking up her spear. Boruto and Erza are face to face. 

 "Well tell me how to do it and we'll see if you can beat me." Boruto says. He smirks. Erza secretly summoned swords behind him. 

 "Well lets see if you can dodge this!" Erza says as she attacks Boruto with her spear. He jumps in the air. Erza smirks. "You fell right into my trap!" Erza says she makes the swords all come at Boruto at once. He looks behind him and he is shocked. 

 "How could this be?!" Boruto says shocked. The swords hit him and he gets knocked into the wall and he falls down unconcious. Erza unequips her armor and she is wearing her normal armor. 

 "That was easy." Erza says. Gray looks at the man dressed in white. 

 "Now its my turn." Gray says. The man in white jumps down from the piece of concrete block. He is a few feet away from Gray. He sends a white blast at Gray. Gray dodges it and sends ice spikes toward the man. He also doges it as well. "I'm not surprised you dodged that attack." Gray says smiling. "But you won't this time! Seven Blade Ice Dance!" Gray says as he makes ice blades. He attacks the man and the man gets hit with every single hit. He gets knocked into the wall, and he falls on his face unconcious. The ice blades break and Gray stands straight up. "Another quest completed." Gray says smiling. Erza and Gray walk to Katsu and Wendy. 

 "You saw first hand at what S-Class mages can do Katsu. If you become strong enough, or get quailfied to become S-Class you can do exactly what we just did." Erza says. Katsu smiles. 

 "Well i'm not sure when i'll become a S-Class mage, but i'm sure it will take some time." Katsu says. Wendy lets go of Katsu's sleeve and she looks at him. 

 "We completed a request together Katsu!" Wendy says jumping up and down. Katsu looks at Wendy and smiles again. They high five each other. The top of the fort begins to move. Katsu's cheeks turn green. Wendy holds onto Katsu's sleeve again. Gray and Erza wobble in place. Carla gets onto Wendy's back and she grabs Katsu. Erza and Gray gets picked up by Snowy. Carla and Snowy flies them down on the entrance of the fort. They drop them on the ground. 

 "I almost puked again." Katsu says holding his stomach. Erza and Gray watch as the fort falls down. Boruto and the others safely fall with the fort. 


 After a few hours Katsu and the others make it back to the guild. Erza is sitting on the sidewalk near the river in the town. Katsu walks to her and sits down beside her.

 "I have to say, you and Wendy do pretty good together." Erza says. She is looking at the sunset. 

 "Yeah. She is strong for a little girl." Katsu says. Erza looks at Katsu.

 "So how are you liking the guild?" Erza says moving a piece of her hair behind her ear. Katsu looks at Erza. 

 "Its been better than I thought. I make alot of jewels to pay my rent off." Katsu says. Erza smiles.

 "Paying off a rent is what Lucy does, sometimes she has to have us work with her to get the money she needs." Erza says. She looks back at the sunset. Katsu looks at it too. "The sunset is beautiful isn't it?" Erza asks leaning a bit closer to Katsu. 

 "Yeah it is." Katsu says watching the sunset. The bright ornage and yellow light brighten up the sky. The sun can be hald seen over the buildings and shops. Erza looks at Katsu and he is watching the sunset.

 "Well, i'll see you tomorrow Katsu." Erza says as she gets up. 

 "See you tomorrow too." Katsu says. 


 Its night and Katsu is at Yuki's inn. She is in her room, when Katsu walks in. He sits his bag on the counter and walks upstairs. Yuki comes out of her room and sees Katsu going into his. 

 "Katsu!" Yuki calls after him. He turns around and Yuki is smiling and holding a jacket. 

 "What is that?" Katsu asks as he walks up to her. 

 "Look at it and see. I bought it for you." Yuki says giving him the jacket. He takes it and holds it up. It is the same style as Natsu's one sleeved jacket he wore. The outlines are light blue with a red belt and a red armband. Katsu smiles. 

 "It looks really cool!" Katsu says. He puts it over his shoulder. Yuki hugs him and smiles. 

 "Try it on, I want to see if it fits." Yuki says. Katsu goes in his room. A few minutes later he comes out with it on. He stands in the hallway with his hands in his pocket and looking at Yuki. She slightly blushes at him. "Wow, he looks...sexy." Yuki thought. She scolds herself for saying he looks sexy. She smiles. "It looks really good on you." Yuki says. Snowy saw her blush at Katsu. He flies onto her shoulder.

 "You liiiikkkkeee him." Snowy teases Yuki. She looks angrily at him. 

 "He is my brother. Why would I like my brother?" Yuki says sternly. 

 "Cause you bluuuushed at him." Snowy says teasing Yuki. 

 "I did not! I was smiling at him not blushing. Why would I blush at Katsu?" Yuki says denying that she blushed at Katsu. Snowy makes a kissing face. Yuki rolls her eyes. Later that night Katsu and Yuki are sitting on his bed. Katsu has a white t-shirt on, and black baggy pants on. Yuki has her hair down with a pink tanktop with a black silky skirt. "Katsu I have to ask you a question." Yuki says. Katsu has the covers over his legs. 

 "What is it?" Katsu says looking upwards at the cieling fan.

 "You know how my mother told you something when she died, but she didn't let me know. What exactly did she say?" Yuki says looking at Katsu. He lowers his head. 

 "What she said, was to always protect you, no matter what happens. She told me I was like her own son, and to you I was you younger brother. Her last sentence to me was to protect you with my life, and don't ever let anything happen to you." Katsu says. He looks at her.

 "So you've been keeping her promise." Yuki says. Katsu nods.

 "Thats why when those bullies tried hurting you I would always stand in their way. And that one time when we first started middle school and that kid was always annoying you I kept guarding you. I won't let anyone hurt you, even if it means I have to give up my life." Katsu says. "I know you aren't my sister by blood, but you're my sister from the heart." Katsu says looking at the covers and he looks at Yuki. She has rears coming from her eyes. 

 "That's the sweetest thing I heard!" Yuki says. She hugs Katsu tightly and Katsu hugs her. She wipes her tears away. 

 "Well its the truth." Katsu says. "You will always be my sister." Yuki smiles. She kisses his forehead.

 "Goodnight Katsu. I love you brother." Yuki says getting off his bed. 

 "Goodnight to you too. I love you too sister." Katsu says. She walks out of his room and closes the door behind her. She walks to her room and shuts the door behind her and and crawls into her bed and she gets under the covers. 

 "I can't believe I said I love you to him! Well I do as a sibling, but not as a dating type thing." Yuki says to herself. "I hope Snowy isn't teasing him right about now." Yuki says despressingly. She hears Katsu's laughter and Snowy gasping for air. She giggles and knew that Katsu had shot fire into Snowy's big mouth again. "Either way I still love them both." Yuki thought as she lays her head on the pillow. She closes her eyes and goes to sleep.

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