Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


10. The Copy Mage, Fiend Furblood

 Erza and the others runs to the other floor. They get up to the next floor, it looks different than the last. It is a forest type floor with trees and bushes all around the area. Katsu stops and looks around. 

 "Wow its different than the last floor." Katsu says looking around the area. Wendy nods. She gets close to Katsu. She is still in her Dragon Force mode. She stays on guard standing next to Katsu. Erza holds her sword to defend herself. Gray has his Ice Make magic ready to defend himself too. A man jumps down from a tree and approach them. He is dressed in all black. He has a black trench coat that the collars are orange. He is wearing a ninja mask and has a red headband on it. He stands there doing nothing. Katsu lights his fists on fire. Wendy grabs Katsu's arm and lowers it. 

 "I got this." Wendy says. She walks to the man. He still stands there. Wendy looks at the man and then gets into a stance. The man just stands there watching her. Wendy runs at the man and tries to hit him with her wind magic. The man easily dodges the attack and grabs her arm and twists it behind her back and grabs her head and slams it on the ground. 

 "Wendy!" Katsu yells, he runs to help Wendy. "You bastard!" Katsu lights his fist on fire. He tries to punch the man, but he quickly dodges it and then Katsu goes for a stomach punch but he puts Wendy in the way and Katsu stops the punch from connecting. "Using Wendy as a shield, you dirty bastard." Katsu says angrily. He tries to trip the man but he jumps back and Katsu comes at the man with a punch, but he throws Wendy toward Katsu and Katsu stops. Wendy bumps into Katsu's chest, and Katsu looks up and the man punches Katsu in the face. Katsu flips on the ground and Katsu protects Wendy as he rolls on the ground. He hits a tree and stops rolling. Wendy is on Katsu's chest. She looks at Katsu who is looking at the man coming toward them. Wendy gets off of Katsu and she makes wind go around her. Katsu gets up and makes his fists on fire again. He runs toward the man, and Katsu tries to punch him but the man flips over his head and keeps running toward Wendy. He elbows Wendy in the stomach and her back hits the tree and her Dragon Force mode runs out. The man turns around and Katsu punches him in the face and the knees him in the stomach. "You fucking bastard!" Katsu kicks the man and the man counters it and kicks Katsu into the air. Katsu falls on a tree branch and it breaks, then Katsu falls on the ground. Then man picks up Wendy by her head and then her magic energy goes into him and he drops her on the ground. Katsu gets up and he feels a bit weaker. "What the hell did he hit me with? It feels as if he took some of my energy away." Katsu thought as he got up. One of his eyes are closed. He holds the arm that the jacket sleeve is torn off of. It shows his guild mark and the man sees it. 

 "So, you're from Fairy Tail?" The man asks. 

 "Yeah, so what?" Katsu asks. 

 "I heard Fairy Tail has some powerful wizards, how come i'm fighting worthless pieces of trash?" The man asks. He shakes his head. "I guess I heard rummors."

 "No, its true. Fairy Tail has powerful wizards." Katsu says. "Its just I just haven't been warmed uo yet." Katsu lets go of his arm and he runs at the man with his fists on fire. "Seven Strikes of the Neo Fire Dragon!" Katsu says as a magic spell appears behind him. The man makes a wave of wind and Katsu jumps over it and he comes at the man ready to punch him. He punches the man in the face, then he punches him in the stomach, after that he tries to punch the man in the face, but he dodges it and sends a wind blast at Katsu's stomach and it blows him back with a lot of force and Katsu hits a branch at it breaks and he hits another tree and he slide down it and then he falls on his knees. "That attack felt like Wendy's, but how? He isn't a Dragon Slayer or is he?" Katsu thought. He looks at the man, he has magic energy going around his fist. Katsu remembers what he saw when the man grabbed Wendy. He was stealing her magic. Katsu gets up from being on his knees. "So your magic is Magic Stealing?" Katsu asks as he wipes his lips. The mans shakes his head. 

 "Close, but not correct. Its Copy Magic. I can copy any mages magic and properly use it without any training." The man says. "I am The Copy Mage Fiend Furblood." Fiend says. 

 "Well I was still close. You won't beat me. I will destroy you, even though you have Sky Dragon Slayer magic." Katsu says. He raises up his arms and a huge ball of purple flames appear. "Are you ready to be destroyed Fiend?" Katsu asks as he spreads his legs. Fiend chuckles. 

 "If you says so, then yes!" Fiend charges up for the Sky Dragon Roar. "Sky Dragon Roar!" A huge dust of wind comes from Fiend's mouth. 

 "Neo Fire Dragon's Purple Fireball!" Katsu says as he throws the huge fire ball at Fiend. The gust of wind comes at Katsu's fireball and when the collide it makes the ground break and crumble. The trees fall over and the bushes get blown away and some of the nearby trees get set on fire. Carla flies over to Wendy and she tries to wake her up. 

 "Miss we have to get out of here!" Carla says trying to wake up Wendy. Wendy opens her eyes and sees Carla in front of her. She looks around for Katsu and the others. She sees Erza and Gray stand at the door watching Katsu and Fiend. She spots Katsu with his legs spread out and his hands in front of him. A purple fireball is colliding with a gust of wind which Fiend is making come out of his mouth. 

 "K-Katsu." Wendy says. She tries to get up, but can't. Her body is too weak to hardly move. "Carla I can't hardly move. My body hurts!" Wendy says trying to get up. Carla starts freaking out.

 "What?! You're hurt?!" Carla asks going insane.

 "My body aches when I try to get up." Wendy says. She tries to get up once more and her strength leaves her arms and she falls on the ground. Fiend loses some of his breath and tries to put more power into the attack. 

 "You're losing breath! Now i'm going to win!" Katsu says. He puts more power into the attack and it overthrows Fiends Sky Dragon's Roar. The fireball hits Fiend and sends him into the trees and he starts to roll on the ground. Katsu punches the air. "Fairy Tail three! Frostmouth zero!" Katsu says smiling with his eyes closed. Wendy's magic energy returns to her and she gets up. 

 "My magic eregy has returned." Wendy says smiling. She looks over at Katsu, and she walks over to him. 

 "So Erza just two more to go now." Katsu says walking over to them. She nods.

 "Yes that is correct." Erza says. The continue higher up the fort.

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