Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Neo Fire Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


3. Questlines


Katsu wakes up with Snowy on his belly. Snowy's eyes slowly open. Katsu sits up and Snowy rolls down into Katsu's lap. He stretches and yawns. Snowy sits up and rubs the sleep from his eyes. Katsu gets out of the bed and Snowy flies on the table beside the bed. 

  "Good morning Snowy." Katsu says putting on his jacket and fixing the sleeves. 

  "Morning Katsu." Snowy says smelling the rose Erza had bought Katsu. "So do we have enough money to pay the rent?" Snowy asks taking the rose and smells it again. 

  "We should, if not we can get the money by tomorrow, but first lets eat, i'm kinda staving." Katsu says rubbing his belly. Snowy nods and they walk out of the room and down the stairs. Mirajane approaches them before they left the guild hall. 

  "Want some cookies? I baked them myself." Mirajane says smiling happily. 

  "Thanks, but i'm already going to eat some breakfast." Katsu says. A big man with white spiky hair and a scar on his left eye, in a navy blue jump suit walks up to them. 

  "Mirajane worked hard on those cookies! Eat one!" The man replies. Katsu and Snowy gets scared and takes the bag.

  "Elfman, don't force these boys to take it. They don't have to, I can give them to Natsu if they didn't want them." Mirajane says with a smile. 

  "Mirajane you worked hard on those cookies." Elfman says. Mirajane smiles. 

  "I know, but I could have given them to someone else instead." Mirajane says smiling again. 

  "Excuse me, but are you two a married couple?" Katsu asked eating one of the cookies. Mirajane and Elfman laughs then they both smile.

  "No, we're siblings, we have another sister who is Lisanna, she is with Natsu at the moment." Mirajane says smiling. 

  "Oh, well sorry for misunderstanding." Katsu says. "These cookies are really good." Katsu says eating another one as he walks out the door. Mirajane waves goodbye. 

  "At least he commented on your cookies." Elfman says. Mirajane nods.


  Katsu is walking down the street with Snowy on his shoulder looking at the different restaurants, and deciding on which one to eat breakfast at. Katsu walks into a restaurant that is a yellow building. Katsu sits down at the table and Snowy can smell the food cooking in the kitchen. A woman comes by and takes their orders and she goes to the kitchen to tell the chefs to cook their meals. Katsu is reading a magazine about top ten mages. Snowy eats some of the cookies in the bag Katsu has in his jacket pocket. The waitress comes back with their meal and Katsu eats his meal, and Snowy does also. They walk out of the restaurant, and head back to the guild. Katsu walks to the request board and he picks out an easy quest, Lucy walks beside him and she looks for a quest. Katsu is reading the quest he chose. Lucy looks beside her at Katsu. 

  "Would, you mind if I come with you? I can't seem to find a quest that I can do without Natsu." Lucy asks with a concern look. Katsu looks up from his reading. 

  "I was planning on going on a quest alone, the quest I picked offered four-hundred jewels." Katsu says. Lucy nods in agreement. 

  "Okay, but I really need the money to pay off a rent." Lucy says almost trying to baby him into letting her go with him. 

  "I also have a rent due, i'll let you come with me because of your rent is due." Katsu says. Lucy hops up in excitement. 

  "Thank you so much Katsu! I'll repay you for this." Lucy says smiling. "Now what is the quest about?" Lucy asks.

  "It seems easy enough for four-hundred jewels, to take out a criminal mage fort. Shouldn't be that hard." Katsu says. 

  "Okay, its easy enough to make money." Lucy says. Katsu folds the quest paper up and walks out of the guild. Natsu comes running from the kitchen to the request board.

  "Okay Lucy! Lets pick a quest!" Natsu says. Everyone looks dumbfounded at Natsu. "What?" Natsu says in confusion. 

  "She just left with the new kid to go and get money for her rent I guess." Gajeel says. Natsu jaw drops. 

  "What?! Well I guess I can pick out a job request." Natsu says turning to the board and looking at the requests. 


  Meanwhile, Katsu and Lucy are walking to the location of the job request. Lucy is spinning around while she walks trying to ease her boredom, while Katsu is snaping his fingers making purple flames come out then disappear in thin air. 

  "So where are you from Katsu?" Lucy asks.

  "I lived in a cave with my mother Erasteel, but then when she left on seven-seven-seven I moved here and stayed in an inn then I found an egg while I was walking around in the snowy mountains, and then some weeks later Snowy hatched and we named him Snowy because it was a snowy day when he hatched." Katsu says. 

  "So you lived here for a long time, when your mother left. I've heard from Natsu about how long ago it was when his dragon left him." Lucy says. She looks at Katsu. "Do, you know why she left?" Lucy asked. 

  "I don't know, all I know is she said she'd be back as soon as she could. It looks like she isn't coming back." Katsu says. "How about we get on a different topic?" Katsu asked. Lucy agrees. They talked all the way to the location. Katsu defeated the mages outside guarding the entry and then Lucy defeated the mages inside with the help of Katsu. Snowy was hiding in Katsu's jacket while they fought the mages. They then return to Fairy Tail. It was dark when they returned, Katsu sat down at a table, while Lucy paid her rent. Snowy sat on the table eating what was left of the cookies. Erza walks toward Katsu and she sits down at the table. 

  "How do you like being in the guild?" Erza asks. Katsu smiles. 

  "Its better than making the money I did while helping people on the street, but also its good because I know i'm helping people at the same time." Katsu says. Erza smiles back. 

  "That's good to hear." Erza says. "Well i'm going to get some rest, its been a long day for me." She gets up and walks out of the guild. Katsu gets up a few minutes after Erza leaves and he heads to the inn where he stays at. He arrives at the inn and open then front door. The girl who is a bit older than him and is the one who supported him while he was young is cleaning the inn since everyone is gone to bed. She has pink hair with blue eyes. She is wearing a black shirt with dark gray cut-offs.

  "So, where was you last night?" The girl asked. 

  "I joined a guild and slept there for the night." Katsu says. "So how was your day?" Katsu asked. 

  "It was a decent day, how about yours?" She gets done cleaning and sits down on the stool drinking coffee. 

  "It was good, I got paid some good money." Katsu says. Snowy curled up on a table and started sleeping.    

  "That's good." The girl smiles then goes upstairs. 

 "Hey, Yuki." She turns around and looks at Katsu. "I got the rent payment." She smiles and she walks down the stairs and takes the money. 

 "You don't have to pay rent, remember i'm like your mother and sister." Yuki says smiling. 

 "But its only fair for me to pay too." Katsu says,

 "Alright Katsu." She kisses his forehead. "Goodnight." Yuki goes up the stairs and goes into her room. Katsu takes Snowy up to his room and he closes the door and lays on his bed. 

 "Its been good at Fairy Tail, i'll have to be an S-Class mage to be the best in the guild." Katsu says. "I'll try hard to become an S-Class mage." He closes his eyes and falls asleep.


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