Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Neo Fire Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


15. Purple Dragon's Fang Guild



About 20 minutes after Katsu left Erza walks in the guild hurt. Lettie and Marzela runs to her as Erza falls down. 

"Erza what happened?" Lettie asked and Erza looked at Lettie and cried.

"I am so sorry Lettie... I tried to beat those guys for you but they really hurt me" Erza said and Lettie slammed her hands on the floor. 

"Erza! You can't defeat Kasai and the Purple Dragon's Fang Guild on your own!" Lettie yelled and Erza looked at Lettie and cried. 

"I am sorry Lettie..." she said and Laxas picked her up

"She'll be alright... Lettie I might Hate you but defeat those bastards for us" Laxas said and Lettie nodded as she put her Red Jacket on and kissed Natsu and left the guild. Natsu ran after her and stopped Lettie in her tracks.

"You are not going alone..." Natsu said and Marzela and Gray walked up and Lettie frowned at them and nodded

"Remember Kasaiel?" Lettieasked and Natsu nodded

"Yeah the guy the wanted The Book of Dragons but you and Loke didn't trust?" Natsu said and Lettie nodded

"Well his real name is Kasai... He is the one from that job that y'all saw... White hair... Well A while back I was going back to the Cain of Valleys and I saw him and some hooded teen looking for something there and I had to beat the crap out of them... Their the Dark Guild... Purple Dragon's Fang" Lettie said and Natsu looked at her in shock. Soon Katsu walked up and saw Lettie, Natsu, Marzela, and Gray talking... He had a hood on as Lettie looked at him in rage and then he recognized her... The Slayer of Fury that him and Kasai had a counter with at Cain of Valley. She looked at him in rage. She ran towards Katsu and punched him... He went flying through Magnolia and to a pond. When Katsu got out the pond Lettie was right there. She saw Katsu and then looked around for the guy in the hood. 

"Katsu why are you in the pond?" Natsu asked and Katsu frowned. 

"Lettie hit me here" Katsu said and Lettie looked at the hood in the water. She was about to cry her eyes out

"He's One of THEM!" Lettie yelled and Katsu looked in confusion as Lettie fist went up in a flaring rage as she tilted her head and put her hands on the ground. Natsu looked at the girl he loved so much as the Dragon Scales appeared on her and the eyes of Lady Darnese the Dragon. Natsu looked at her and in his head he is saying 'Oh Shit' as Katsu is looking at her in Horror as Snowy hides in Katsu's shirt. 

"Lettie! Calm Down!" Natsu yelled as she lifted her head and Katsu saw the eyes of the Dragon his Guild killed.

"They Killed my mother! All the years of searching for her! To find her dead!! Why should I care for the Guild he truly is in! There is no place in my heart for forgiveness!!!" Lettie yelled as she heard the laugh of Kasai in her head and then she smelled revenge in her as Natsu got in front of her and she looked at him with teary eyes.

"Lettie... please... Stop... if he is then we can deal with it together..." Natsu said as he wrapped his arms around her and her body numbed down as Natsu kissed her and she was crying. 

"Sorry Natsu" Lettie said and Natsu hugged her tight as he got her away from Katsu. When they looked at the place Katsu was at... He was gone...

Katsu ran when Natsu hugged Lettie. He was scared for his life and had to get out there. She looked like the Dragon that attacked him and Kasai... The one Kasai and the other Guild members killed. Lady Darnese the Dragon the mighty Queen of Dragons. Katsu was glad that Natsu stepped in when he did or he would of been dead. Back at the Guild Lettie and Natsu are looking for Katsu but he was no where to be found

Katsu was so upset at his old Guild for what they did to Lettie's mother... There was no way he could face them again. Back at the Guild Lettie was thinking about Katsu and how he wasn't even there that day when her mother was killed. She was thinking about how his face was when he saw her turning into her mother basically. She then walked up to Natsu and asked him about Katsu.

"Well... The little time Katsu was here he was amazing! He was one of the strongest and on of the best...... I still can't believe he's one of them" Natsu said and Lettie frowned

"Natsu... that guild might of killed my mother but... Katsu was not there... Yeah that day I saw them to... I turned into what looked like my mother and hurt the both of them. I just don't understand... There's something missing" Lettie said and Natsu nodded in agreement. Lettie was walking towards Yuki's Inn and opened the door to see a Diner. 

"Hello ma'am how can I serve you?" The Waitress that looked a little like Lucy said.

"Um yes... Is there a Katsu or Yuki around?" Lettie asked and she smiled 

"I'm Yuki and Katsu is upstairs... May I ask who you are" She said and Lettie frowned

"Look Yuki... I need to talk to Katsu okay?" Lettie said and Yuki nodded.

"Katsu! Someone's here to talk to you!" Yuki screamed up the stairs and Katsu came down and saw Lettie and was about to go back upstairs.

"Wait Katsu!" Lettie yelled and he stopped as she walked towards him.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted... I was quick to judge because of you looking like someone I fought... I am sorry Katsu" Lettie said and Katsu frowned

"I WAS apart of that Guild. The day you attacked Kasai you also attacked me. When Kasai told me the Guild killed a Dragon... and then Kasai killing a little girl I was sick of the Guild. I had to get out there and I am sorry for your mother... I had no clue it was your mom they killed." Katsu said and Lettie frowned at what she heard.

"You should tell the Guild Katsu... Everyone is thinking your evil now that you disappeared when I stated it" Lettie said and Katsu frowned

"How can I face them again Lettie? No one will trust me again" Katsu said and Lettie put her hand on his shoulder and looked at him in the eye.

"You remind me of Natsu... always thinking about the worst and best of things all at once... Sometimes it can get in the way of judgement Katsu... if they are truly your friends and you truly have changed then your friends should see that" Lettie said and Katsu nodded

"I'll go tomorrow... It's to late right now Lettie" he said and Lettie nodded as she left Katsu

"Yuki please make sure Katsu comes to the Guild..." Lettie said and Yuki nodded as Lettie left her inn. Katsu frowned on what he has done. He lied to Lettie so he didn't have to face them. Yuki walked up to Katsu and frowned

"You better go to that Guild Katsu! I don't care if your scared!" Snowy said and Yuki nodded

"Yes you do" Yuki said as Katsu went to his room and fell asleep

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