Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


19. One Man Army

 Katsu wakes up on the couch. Katsu rubs his eyes and get gets off the couch. He stretches and Mia comes out of the room and yawns. 

 "How did you sleep?" Mia asks. 

 "I slept well you?" Katsu says. 

 "I slept wonderful." Mia says smiling. Katsu walks to the door and he opens it. There is a letter on the door steps. 

 "Ooo! A letter." Katsu says. He picks up the letter and it says to Katsu Dragsteel. "Hmmm, maybe its from Yuki." Katsu smiles and he opens it. He takes out the note and reads it. It says: "If you want to have your sister alive anymore, then come and get her. P.S NOT from Fairy Tail. Love Kasai Steelix." Katsu burns the letter and he stomps back inside with a purple steam coming off him. Mia watches Katsu as he walks upstairs. 

 "Katsu!" Mia calls after him. He doesn't turn around. She runs up the stairs after him. He is putting on his cloths. His hair covers his eyes and he gets through and walks right pass her without even noticing her. Mia knows something is wrong. Katsu walks out of her house and she follows him. "Katsu what is wrong?" Mia asks. Katsu stops. 

 "I'm going to an old guild, to beat the fuck outta someone." Katsu says. He continues to walk. Mia follows him. She looks at Katsu and is worried about him. 


 Meanwhile Yuki wakes up on a floor with red carpet. She feels her lip and she feels dried blood. She gets confused and then she notices her cloths are dirty. She sits up and Kasai is standing right beside her with a big man with a very muscular body. His hair is black and his skin is pale. He has a beard that is long. His eyes are crimson. He has a necklace with red balls on it. His robe only covers half his body and its red and white. He has purple wrist bands. His pants are purple with black boots. He looks at Kasai. 

 "So did you send the letter?" The muscular man asks. 

 "Yes master Haru." Kasai says. Haru nods.

 "At least one of my most prized members didn't fail me." Haru says. Yuki sits on her legs and looks at the master. 

 "May I ask why have you taken me?" Yuki asks. The master's smile fades. Kasai looks at Yuki and he kicks her across the stomach and she hits the wall behind them. Yuki coughs on the ground and fresh blood runs down her chin. Kasai walks over to Yuki and he bends down. 

 "No one asks the master a question." Kasai says. He picks her up by her shirt. "Ask another question and i'll make sure you die." Kasai says. 

 "B-but why me?" Yuki says trying to catch her breath. Kasai slams her on the ground and she screams in pain. Yuki coughs out blood. Kasai picks her up again.

 "Because your brother Katsu didn't get punished when he left the guild. So now we took what he loves the most and we'll torture you until he comes and finds us." Kasai says. "If Katsu doesn't come, we'll kill you." Kasai drops her on the ground and she holds her stomach and coughs again. She turns onto her stomach and holds herself up with her hands. 

 "If Katsu finds me like this. He'll kill all of you." Yuki says. She coughs and blood drops on the ground. Kasai laughs and his engulfs in lighting. Kasai is going to punch Yuki but Gracie freezes his hand and grabs his other one. 

 "Geez Kasai, don't kill her yet!" Gracie says. "He still has time." Gracie pushes Kasai back. Kasai laughs and then he walks off. Gracie walks off too. Yuki coughs again and she sits up holding her stomach. 

 "I know you'll be here Katsu. You aren't going to let me die are you?" Yuki thought as she sits on the floor. 


 Katsu is running through a forest that seems its never going to end. Mia tries to keep up with him, but she keeps losing sight of him. Katsu stops at a guild with a bunch of dark aura around it. Mia finds him standing in front of what looks like a huge castle. She walks up to him. 

 "I'll go alone." Katsu says. 

 "But what are you doing?" Mia asks. 

 "I'm going to kill a certain someone, and get Yuki back." Katsu says. Mia looks at him. 

 "But wouldn't you need help?" Mia says. 

 "I'll be fine." Katsu says. Mia looks down. 

 "Alright." Mia says. Katsu puts his hand on her cheek. She looks up, and Katsu is smiling. 

 "I'll be back. Don't worry." Katsu hugs her and she wraps her arms around his neck and holds him closer. Katsu stops hugging her and he walks toward the door. He looks back and gives her a salute. Mia salutes him back. His fists lights on fire and he punches the door. A cloud of smoke goes across the guild hall and everyone looks at the door. Katsu is standing where the doors once were. Haru stands in front of his members. 

 "Katsu Dragsteel. Why are you even here?" Haru says. Katsu glares at everyone in the guild. 

 "You know damn well what i'm here for! Give her back or i'll burn all you assholes into a pile of ash!" Katsu says angrily. Haru crosses his arms. 

 "You can't beat us Katsu. Its been two years since we last saw you. You was weak then, and you're weak now!" Haru says. One of the guild members runs at Katsu. Katsu dodges the man's attack and Katsu counters by kneeing him in the stomach and sending fire all around the area and sends him flying into the wall. Katsu looks at Haru. 

 "I'm not weak like before! I'm much much worse! I'm the final boss of the game, and you're going to lose, but there are no restarts! So welcome to your nightmare bastard!" Katsu says. He runs toward Haru and he lights his fists on fire and he punches Haru. Haru grabs Katsu's arms and slings him across the guild. Katsu slides on his feet. Haru looks at Katsu. 

 "You're still weak as before. You will die here, and so will your sister." Haru says. 

 "You even hurt Yuki, and i'll burn this guild to the ground along with its members bodies!" Katsu says. His body engulfs with flames. Haru smirks. 

 "We already had her coughing blood earlier." Haru says. Katsu's eyes widen. 

 "Fuck you and your fucking guild!" Katsu says in anger. "Neo Fire Dragon's Flaming Horn!" Katsu says as he dashes toward Haru in a bunch of purple flames. Katsu's head hits Haru's stomach. Haru slides on the ground a bit, but he grabs Katsu's body. 

 "Powerbomb!" Haru says. He picks up Katsu and slams him on the ground with a lot of force and it makes a hole in the ground Katsu falls through the floors and he hits the basement floor. Katsu's body aches all over. 

 "Dammit. If I keep going at him with physical attack type magic then i'll surely get hurt or worse even die." Katsu says. His jacket is a bit torn. He gets up and looks up at Haru, who just walked away. "I'll use my range attacks. That should be able to beat him." Katsu says. 


 Yuki heard the loud crash a few floors under her. 

 "See I told you Katsu would come. Now he will beat you and the rest of this guild." Yuki says. She smirks. Kasai smirks also. 

 "You think fire head will win against this entire guild? When he gets to me, he'll be all worn out and i'll send as mush lighting through his body to burst his puny little head. Then who will come and save your ass?" Kasai says. 

 "Fairy Tail." Yuki says. She smiles and Kasai picks her up and he slams her against the wall. 

 "Fairy Tail doesn't even know a damn thing about you or this guild. So shut up and watch as your only hope dies right before your eyes, if he even makes it to face me." Kasai says. Yuki is coughing and she smirks. 

 "Don't underestimate my younger brother. He will beat you." Yuki says. She smiles. "Trust me, he made a promise to my mother to protect me at all cost, and he will protect me, just like he is going to bash your face with his fists." Yuki smiles at Kasai. Kasai turns his head and he walks out of the room. Yuki leans on the wall holding her stomach. "Come on Katsu. I believe in you." Yuki says as she looks out the window and looks at the sun shining through it. 


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