Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Neo Fire Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


16. Going My Own Path

 Katsu wakes up in the middle of the night. He turns his head toward Snowy who is sleeping. He sits up in the bed and looks at the window with the moonlight shining on his face. He gets out of bed. He has no shirt on with black shorts and a white belt. He begins to walk toward the door. 

 "Katsu? Is that you?" Snowy asks sleepily. Katsu turns around. 

 "Yeah, its me." Katsu says. Snowy rubs his eyes. 

 "What are you doing?" Snowy asks. He walks to Katsu. Katsu kneels down to his exceed. 

 "I'm going away forever." Katsu says depressingly. Snowy's eyes widen. 

 "BUT YO-" Katsu holds his mouth. 

 "I know what I said. The truth is i'm not afraid of the members of Fairy Tail, its just I don't want them knowing about my secret I have." Katsu says. He takes his hand off of Snowy's mouth. 

 "Oh, that one..." Snowy says. "Well most people think you're already evil." Snowy looks at Katsu with tears in his eyes. 

 "Yeah that one." Katsu stands up. 

 "You know Yuki is going to miss you right?" Snowy says. 

 "Don't remind me about it." Katsu says. He sighs and opens the door. He walks to Yuki's room and slightly opens her door. The moonlight shines through her window also and shines on her face. He walks in the door and stands by her bed. Snowy walks to her bed also and looks at Katsu. 

 "You really will miss her huh?" Snowy says. Katsu looks down at Snowy. 

 "Yeah I will." Katsu says. He walks closer to her bed and kneels down. He puts his hand on her cheek and then plays with her bangs. Snowy climbs up the bed and sits on the pillow. Katsu stands up and kisses her forehead. "I love you sis." Katsu says as tears form from his eyes. He lets them run down his cheeks and he turns around and walks toward the door. He looks back at Snowy. "Take care of her. And I mean it." Katsu says. He leaves the room, and puts on his outfit with the one sleeve. He gets out some bandages and covers his upper arm so that no one will know he is from the guild Fairy Tail. He walks out of the door and starts walking out of Magnolia. He passes Lucy's house and all the lights are out. He continues to walk and his memories come back to him. Tears start to form again and he runs. The tears run across his face as he runs. He makes it out of Magnolia and he enters a forest. 


 The next morning Yuki wakes up with Snowy beside her. 

 "Oh hi Snowy." Yuki says cheerfully. "Has Katsu went to the guild yet?" Yuki smiles. 

 "No." Snowy says. Yuki's smile fades. 

 "What?! Why?! Where is he?!" Yuki asks. Snowy looks at her with tears in his eyes.

 "He left the house late last night. He said he wasn't coming back, because he was sure that the guild members wouldn't trust him after they knew his secret." Snowy says. Yuki grabs the covers and holds them closer to her face. 

 "I know why. He didn't think any of the people would believe him. Since they know he was from a dark guild they'll think he was to ambush the guild." Yuki says. She started to cry. "Katsu can't just leave! We need him back!" Yuki says. She buries her face in the covers and then Snowy starts crying. Later that day after Yuki got over Katsu's disappearance she goes to Fairy Tail. She has a white button up shirt and a black skirt. She walks in the guild and Lettie walks up to her. 


 "So where is Katsu?" Lettie asks cheerfully. Yuki's hair covers her eyes and tears are still forming everytime she thinks of it. 

 "He isn't coming. He left last night to become an independent mage." Yuki says with her hands shaking. Lettie's eyes narrow.

 "What?! That bastard!" Lettie says getting angry. Yuki begins to cry more. 

 "Don't call him a bastard." Yuki says lowly. Lettie calms herself. 

 "I meant punk." Lettie says. Natsu walks up.

 "So where is Katsu?" Natsu asks. Lettie turns to Natsu. 

 "He left Magnolia late last night." Lettie says to Natsu. Natsu punches the post and it cracks. 

 "He is part of that dark guild!" Natsu says in anger. Elfman heard that. 

 "I knew that Katsu wasn't a man! He ran away like a girl!" Elfman says. 

 "So what if he ran away, he was going to ambush our guild since he was a dark mage." Jet says. 

 "Guys Katsu was a good person if you got to know him." Wendy says. "And besides you don't know the reason why he ran away." Wendy looks at Romeo. 

 "I knew the guy from hearing Wendy talk about him. She said some really good things about him." Romeo says. 

 "A traitor like that doesn't need to be in our guild." Laxus says. Everyone looks at Laxus coming from the front doors. 

 "Laxus you betrayed us before!" Natsu says clenching his fist at him. 

 "Yeah, but that was back at the Harvest Festival." Laxus says. "And besides you wanted a rematch right?" Laxus asks smirking at Natsu. Natsu grits his teeth. 

 "I'll give you a rematch!" Natsu says walking toward Laxus. Gajeel throws a metal arm at Natsu and he goes into the wall. 

 "Stop it! I once was a dark mage also, so that means i'm still your enemy if Katsu is your enemy." Gajeel says. His arm turns back to normal and he stands up. "We have to find Katsu, and show him we forgive him for being in the wrong guild." Levy looks at Gajeel standing up for a enemy of Fairy Tail. Erza walks in the middle of the guild hall. 

 "Gajeel is right! We need to bring Katsu back!" Erza says. She raises her sword. "Now, are you with me!" Erza shouts. Some people cheer. "That's not enough! I said are you with me!" Erza shouts more determined this time. Some more cheers gather around the guild. 


 Katsu is walking in a new town called Cider Town. He looks for a place to sleep at so he decides to ask one of the townsmen. 

 "Excuse me miss, but do you know of any place I could stay at?" Katsu asks. The girl has chin length black hair and pink eyes. She is wearing a black hoodie with the sleeves covering her hands a little. she has black booty shorts on and she is shorter than Katsu. 

 "I know a place, but i'm not sure they are enough rooms for you to stay at." The girl says. 

 "Oh, i'll go to the next town then." Katsu says. He begins to walk away but the girl sees his bandaged arm. 

 "You might want to stay and treat that injury." The girl says looking at the bandaged arm. Katsu gets a bit nervous. 

 "N-no, i'm fine." Katsu says. "It's just a cut is all." 

 "But why is it bandaged then?" The girl asks. "I'll take you to my house then. I can treat your injury." The girl smiles and holds his hand and takes him to her house. 

 "Oh shit! She might find out i'm from Fairy Tail!" Katsu thought. She takes him to her house and she tells him to sit down on the couch and that she will be right back. Katsu obeys her command. Katsu sees a knife on the counter. "This is a stupid idea, but I can't let her find out." Katsu says. He gets up and walks to the counter. He grabs the knife, and he unwraps the bandage. He cuts his arm and quickly puts the bandage back on. He sits down on the couch and waits for her to get back. She comes back in the living room and has some bandages and some anointment to heal to cut.

 "Sorry it took me awhile." The girl says. She sits on the couch and she unwraps the bandage. Katsu holds the bandage that covers the guild mark. The girl sees the cut. "Wow it looks fresh! When did this happen?" The girl says quite amazed that the cut is fresh. 

 "It happened while I was attacked by wolves earlier this morning." Katsu says trying not to let her find out he is part of a guild. The girl looked at him. 

 "Where were you?" The girl asked as she tends to his wound him made himself.

 "In the forest." Katsu says. The girl looks up at him again. 

 "Are you one of those adventurers?" The girl asks. She gets through tending to it. She wraps the bandage back. 

 "No, i'm actually a mage." Katsu says. The girl's eyes light up. 

 "I'm a mage too! My magic is Transformation Magic." The girl says. "What kind of magic do you have?" She looks at him smiling. Katsu smiles back. 

 "I have Neo Fire Magic." Katsu says. The girl smiles again. 

 "I'm Mia Townsend. Whats your name?" Mia asks smiling. 

 "I'm Katsu Dragsteel." Katsu says. 

 "Sounds like Natsu Dragneel." Mia says. She puts her finger on her lip. "Are you his son?" Mia looks at him curiously. Katsu smiles and shakes his head. 

 "No, I am not his son, or related to him in any way." Katsu says. Mia looks dumbfounded.

 "Your name is like his so that's why I asked." Mia says. "Have you met him?" Mia asks. 

 "Yeah, I have." Katsu says. Mia nearly jumps off the couch in excitement.

 "Wow! You must be a powerful mage!" Mia says. "Are you a Dragon Slayer?" Mia asks looking at his cloths. Katsu sweatdrops, then sighs. 

 "Yes, yes I am. I'm a Neo Fire Dragon Slayer." Katsu says. She silently says "got it right!" 

 "So that means you're one of the strongest mages in the world. What can you do?" Mia says. Katsu gets up and lights his fist on fire and the purple flames lighten up the room a bit. Mia watches in awe. The fire dissolves and he smiles. 

 "So now that you've seen my magic, what is yours?" Katsu says. Mia smirks and then all of a sudden a white light appears and then it disappears and she has cat-like ears and her arms have fur and she wags her tail. Katsu looks shocked. 

 "Nyyya!" Mia says and she does a cute pose. 

 "A-a neko!?" Katsu asks in shock. Mia shakes her head. 

 "I can transform into anything. I like using the neko because I look cute!" Mia says smiling at Katsu. Katsu slightly blushes. 

 "Well, I can't say you don't." Katsu says as he smiles and closes his eyes. Mia smiles and giggles. 

 "Got another one!" Mia says quietly. 


 A few hours later Mia and Katsu are going around the town looking for people that need help. Their is an elderly lady who looks like she needs help. 

 "Hey that lady needs help." Mia says. She walks over to the lady and Katsu follows her. "Do you need help ma'am?" Mia asks. The elderly lady nods. 

 "My son has been on a quest for days and hasn't returned." The lady says. She looks sad and sorrowful. 

 "Where did he go?" Katsu asks with his arms crossed. The lady looks at them. 

 "Are you sure you two are mages?" The lady asks. Katsu and Mia look at each other and Katsu lights his fist on fire and Mia turns into a neko. The elderly lady nods. "It is at Banki Cove." 

 "Alright! We'll get there as soon as possible!" Katsu says as he does what Natsu does by swinging his arm. 

 "But beware. They have dark mages there also. One is called Alisha the Black Devil." The lady says. 

 "Ma'am we will be sure to bring back your son." Mia says. The lady nods. They walk toward the map store. "We have to find a map so we can find this Banki Cove place." Mia says looking at the maps. Katsu picks up a map showing half of the area and it has Banki Cove. 

 "I found one." Katsu says. He hands her the map and she looks at it. 

 "This'll do." Mia says. They buy the map and then begin their journey. 


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