Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


12. Fighting Fire With Fire

 Katsu is standing in the guild hall and Snowy is sitting on top of Katsu's head. Katsu is smiling and he looks at the request board. There are a few new requests on it since yesterday. Natsu comes up to Katsu. 

 "Hiya Katsu!" Natsu says waving at him. Happy flies upwards and he says his famous line "Aye." 

 "Hi Natsu." Katsu says waving back at him. Natsu smiles. 

 "I wanted to ask you a simple question." Natsu says. "Do you want to go on a quest with me, and Lucy?" Natsu asks.

 "I was going to go on a quest with Wendy, but it looks like she is late." Katsu says smiling. "But sure." Natsu smiles. 

 "Alright! We'll be going in just a few minutes." Natsu says. He walks toward Gajeel and Lucy. 

 "What about that little girl who always follow you on quests?" Snowy asks looking down at Katsu from the top of his head.

 "You mean Wendy?" Katsu asks. Snowy nods. "If she comes, i'll ask her to go with us." Katsu looks at the guild's front door and waits for Wendy to come. 


 Meanwhile Wendy is at her apartment trying on different dresses. 

 "Carla, be honest does this look good?" Wendy asks looking at herself in the mirror. Carla rolls her eyes.

 "Who are you trying to impress miss?" Carla asks. Wendy looks back at Carla.

 "No one, I just don't want to be dressing all dumb looking." Wendy says. She turns to face the mirror and she poses. Carla rolls her eyes again. 

 "Its that Katsu kid isn't it?" Carla asks angrily. Wendy turns around. 

 "No way Carla. I don't have a crush on him." Wendy says. "I just like him as a friend." Wendy then takes off that dress and puts on her original cloths. She ties the bow and puts it in a comfortable position. 


 A few minutes later Wendy walks through the doors. Katsu is reading a news article about some of the strongest wizards. Wendy walks up to him. 

 "Good morning Katsu." Wendy says smiling and waving.

 "Oh, Hi Wendy." Katsu says. He looks over at her. "Natsu wanted for us to go on a quest with him and Lucy." Wendy smiles. 

 "So where are they?" Wendy asks. Katsu gets out of the chair.

 "They're waiting on us at the edge of town, I waited on you because isn't that what teams do?" Katsu says smiling at Wendy. Wendy's eyes sparkle. 

 "Thanks alot Katsu!" Wendy says cheerfully. Katsu smiles again and they go out of the guild and to the edge of town. Natsu and Lucy were waiting. 

 "We got the group ready now." Natsu says. Happy smiles. 

 "Aye sir!" Happy says cheerfully. Katsu nods.

 "Now we can go to the request we was sent to complete." Katsu says. Natsu smiles and then they go to the location. Lucy and Natsu are walking together and Katsu and Wendy are walking together. Lucy temporarily looks back at Katsu. Katsu looks at the sky and the clouds. Wendy is in deep thought about something very important to her. Natsu is leading the group. They walk for hours and hours. They get to a spot that the location said. 

 "There isn't anything here!" Natsu says looking around. Katsu looks around with Natsu. A man in a red trench coat and a hood covering his face appears out of the abandon house. He walks to them with a smirk on his face. Lucy taps on Natsu's shoulder and he turns around and sees the man. "Are you the guy that we are suppose to save?" Natsu asks. He takes out the paper and shows it to the man. 

 "You fools, you believed the paper?" The man says, he laughs. Natsu gets into a fighting position. 

 "You dirty bastard. You tricked us!" Natsu says angrily. Lucy gets out a key, Katsu lights his fists on fire and Snowy gets out of the battlefield. Wendy gets close to Katsu and she is ready to fight. 

 "What can I say? I love to pull pranks on people." The man says. Natsu tries to punch the man but he dodges and he makes water hit Natsu making him slide on the ground. Natsu looks at the man. 

 "So you got water magic huh?" Natsu asks. The man shakes his head. 

 "I have elemental magic which means I have all types of magic. Fire, water, earth, wind, you name it I got it." The man says. 

 "So you got loser magic?" Natsu says busting out laughing. 

 "Hey don't insult my magic!" The man says. He sends water at Natsu and he goes into one of the buildings. Lucy sends out Leo. 

 "So who do I have to fight now?" Leo says. He grabs his wrist and looks at the man. 

 "That guy with the red on, attack him Leo!" Lucy says. 

 "Hey i'm not your slave so tell me what to do." Leo says playfully. Lucy looks dumbfounded. 

 "Did I say I was your master?" Lucy asks. Leo smiles. 

 "No, but lets get to fighting!" Leo says. He runs to the man and he tries to the punch him, but he counters with a earth wall and Leo punches the wall. Leo holds his knuckles. "Dammit!" Leo says. The man makes the wall break and then it turns into a fist and punches Leo. Leo tumbles on the ground, then he gets up. 

 "I guess its my turn!" Katsu says. He runs to the man and then the man makes a wind slash toward Katsu. Wendy takes her chance to eat the wind slash and she flies toward the wind slash before it hit Katsu and she eats it. The man is in shock. 

 "What?! A Sky Dragon Slayer?!" The man says in disbelief. Wendy stands in front of Katsu. 

 "Don't mess with my friends!" Wendy says. She takes guard of Katsu. Katsu walks beside her and he lights his fists on fire. 

 "Or you'll bound to get burned!" Katsu says. He looks at Wendy and Wendy looks at him. "Ready?" Katsu asks.

 "Ready." Wendy says. They look at the man and he takes off the trench coat and he has a black muscle shirt. Katsu and Wendy charge at the man and they attack him. The man blocks with a earth shield when Katsu tries to punch him. He blocks Wendy's kick with another earth shield. He makes the shields bash against Katsu and Wendy. Katsu slides on the ground and he catches Wendy. Wendy blushes, but Katsu didn't notice it because he was looking at the man. 

 "You can't beat me! I am Yuden Virgo the Elemental Mage!" Yuden says. Katsu sets Wendy down and he looks at her. 

 "Any ideas how to defeat him?" Katsu asks. 

 "I-I don't know, I mean I never fought an Elemental Mage before." Wendy says. She turns into her Dragon Force. "But lets try and see if we can beat him in Dragon Force!" Wendy says. Her pink hair flows in the wind. Katsu looks at her and the pink hair reminds him of Yuki. 

 "Talk about getting back memories." Katsu says. They rush Yuden and they attack him directly. Katsu knees Yuden in the stomach and Wendy makes a wind punch into his stomach as well. Yuden goes into the air. Wendy jumps up and knocks him down and Katsu grabs his face and slams it across the ground. Katsu flips up and lands on the ground. He stands there looking at Yuden. Yuden gets on his hands and knees. 

 "This cannot be!" Yuden says punching the ground. "I am an Elemental Mage! I cannot be beaten!" Yuden says. He gets on his feet. A dark aura comes off his body. He clenches his fists and aims a magic spell at Katsu. Katsu stands there looking at Yuden. Wendy watches from the air. 

 "Wait! That's a Fire Spell! It's the Shadow Fire Roar!" Wendy says. "Natsu tried to learn it with Rogue." Wendy gets worried and she screams. "Katsu get out of the way! That magic blast will kill you!" Katsu looks up and its too late.

 "Raging Shadow Fire Roar!" Yuden says as his hands make a shadowy fire like substances release from his hands. It consumes Katsu. An explosion is made. 

 "Katsu!" Lucy and Wendy yell. Snowy looks for his friend but there is no sign of him. Moments later the shadowy fire goes out. The smoke disappears and Katsu is standing there and he wipes his lips. 

 "Well, that was some disgusting flames, but it'll do!" Katsu says. He smirks and everyone cheers. "You know what time it is Snowy?" Katsu says to his friend. 

 "Yes I do!" Snowy yells. 

 "It's clobbering time!" Katsu and Snowy yell. Katsu runs to Yuden in a fast speed. He punches Yuden in the gut making him cough. Katsu then roundhouse kicks him across the face. Katsu backs up. "Seven Strikes of the Neo Fire Dragon!" Katsu rushes back in the fight and he fiercely punches Yuden. They go into the air and then Katsu charges a bunch of flames in his left arm. "Left Arm Uppercut of the Neo Fire Dragon!" Katsu uppercuts Yuden with all his might. Yuden goes flying into the air and Katsu falls backwards. He is completely out of magic energy. Wendy flies to Katsu and catches him. His weight makes her fall on the ground. Wendy lands on top of him and she looks at Katsu. He opens one eye and smiles. "We did it again!" Katsu says cheerfully. Wendy smiles. She sits up in his lap and they fist bump each other. He moves his elbows under him and he looks at Lucy and Natsu. They smile and tell him that it was amazing. 


 It is night and Katsu comes through the door of Yuki's inn. Yuki is cooking and she looks over at the door.

 "Hello Katsu, I just made some noddles for us to eat tonight." Yuki says from the kitchen. Katsu puts his bag down and walks into the kitchen. 

 "Is it Ramen Noodles?" Katsu says looking over her shoulder. She smiles and pushes him away. "Is it?" Katsu says begging her to tell him.

 "You'll see." Yuki says teasing him.

 "I want to know not see." Katsu says. "Ramen Noodles is the best!" Katsu says. He goes into the bar area and sits at one of the tables.

 "Katsu what do I always cook when I don't go shopping for fast food?" Yuki asks. 

 "Oh, I know! Its Ramen Noodles. Right?" Katsu says. 

 "Yes Katsu, it is Ramen Noodles." Yuki says. She puts some of the noodles in a bowl. 

 "So is it Ramen Noodles?" Katsu asks. He plays with one of the paper menus. She playfully rolls her eyes. She comes to his table and he looks at her. 

 "Here is your Ramen Noodles sir." Yuki says acting like he is one of her customers. Katsu smiles and he eats the Ramen Noodles. Yuki stands there looking at Katsu. She looks at his black hair with the crimson highlights on three stands of his hair. She admires his light blue eyes, and she thought of how they remind her of the blue sea on the beach. She looks at the cloths she bought him and though of how it suits him well. She stands there admiring all his features. Katsu looks at her. 

 "Yuki, I have something to ask you." Katsu says. She is caught off guard and she listens to what he has to say. 

 "What is it?" Yuki asks. 

 "Does it make you cry, when you think about Misaki?" Katsu asks. Yuki looks away from him. 

 "Losing my mother was hard, but she did tell me that you would protect me if anything bad ever happened." Yuki says. "I do at times, but I have you as my younger brother and the other waitress at the inn. So with you guys I have a family." Yuki smiles. Katsu looks down. 

 "When you found me that day, was I calling for anyone?" Katsu asks. She looks at Katsu. 

 "You kept saying where are you mom." Yuki says. "I guess you was looking for your mother." Yuki puts her hand on Katsu's shoulder. "Do you remember your mother?"

 "My mother was a dragon. Her name was Erasteel." Katsu says. "Her light purple scales was so beautiful in the sunlight. Her eyes was dark purple. She protected me. She was very kind." Katsu says. 

 "Your mother seemed like she loved you." Yuki says. "It must have been hard losing her." Katsu looks at her. 

 "It was. She left one day and she told me that she would be back. I waited for days and weeks, and there was no sign of her return. So I tried to find her. I walked in this town hoping she was around, but I couldn't find her. And that's when you found me." Katsu says. "After some weeks of spending time with you and your mother the mission I had faded away and I never was in deep thought about it again." 

 "Wow, so we became your new family." Yuki says. 

 "Yeah I guess you did." Katsu says. He gets up and goes upstairs and into his room. Yuki goes upstairs and goes into her room. Katsu takes off his cloths and puts on a black muscle shirt and kept his white boxers on and he crawls in the bed. Snowy crawls in the bed as well and he cuddles to Katsu. They fall asleep. That night Yuki couldn't sleep, so she goes to Katsu's room and peeks through the door. The moonlight shines off his and Snowy's face. She smiles. 

 "They look so cute when they sleep." Yuki says. She slowly closes the door back and she goes back to bed. She soon falls asleep.

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