Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


14. Dragon Slayer Mayham


Katsu woke up and saw Yuki. He got up and smiled at my friend as he got dressed as Snowy woke up

"Morning Snowy" Katsu said and Snowy smiled as he flew down stairs. Down stairs Katsu saw a girl with black hair and a blue shirt talking to Kate. Kate laughed as she gave the girl a drink

"Thanks Kate I'l give you his regards Kate!" She yelled as she walked off. Katsu walked to Kate and Kate smiled

"So who was that Kate?" he asked and Kate smiled at him

"That was Marzela Kanoya" she said and Katsu looked at her and nodded. He walked out and saw her running to the guild. Was she a member? Marzela walked in the guild with a smile on her face

"Where's Gray?" she asked Natsu and Natsu pointed towards Gray and Marzela walked over to him. 

"Hey Gray here's the food you wanted" she said and Gray smiled 

"Thanks Zela" he said and she smiled. Katsu walked in looking for this Marzela chick and Marzela looked at him. 

"He followed me all the way to the guild" she said and Gray looked at her

"Non sense that's Katsu the new recruit for Fairy Tail" he said and she smiled

"Oh! He's the Neo Fire Dragon Slayer huh?" she asked and Gray nodded as she walked towards him

"Hi I'm Marzela... I heard your Katsu Dragsteel the Neo Fire Dragon Slayer that's cool I guess" she said and Katsu smirked

"For one it's Awesome and for two you heard of me but I never heard of you" he said and she rolled her eyes at this boy who is similar to Natsu

"Look her fire boy I am not here to make enemy's but you need to know I am one of the best in this guild. Adding Gray,Natsu, and Lettie as well" Marzela said and Katsu laughed

"I could beat you in one move girly don't try my magic as a weakness" he said and Marzela walked towards Gray

"He's just like Natsu to Confident" she said and Katsu looked at the doors as a mysterious girl with black hair and a Fire Red shirt on with the Guild mark on her shoulder. Katsu smelled the power that was coming from her. She had to be a Dragon Slayer... She walked right pass Katsu and towards Natsu and Natsu was smiling

"Lettie! Your back from you job!" he said and the girl chuckled 

"yeah sorry it took a few days... I couldn't find the dam place" She said and Katsu was so confused at the time it was not funny. Marzela and Gray walked towards them Lettie and Marzela hugged and they smiled

"Good to see you to Marza" Lettie said and now Katsu was confused even more. 

"Yeah... Looks like your remembered my nick name this time and said it right" Marzela said and Katsu rubbed his head and Lettie saw him.

"You must be Katsu Dragsteel... I'm Lettie Darnese" she said and Katsu looked at her in shock

"Like the queen of all Dragon's Lady Darnese?" he asked and she nodded 

"Yeah and Marza is the daughter of The king of ice magic Dorigan Rageikan Kanoya" Lettie said and Katsu looked at Marzela in shock suddenly the guild hall doors open and Lettie was in a fighting stance. Katsu turned around and saw Erza with a angry face. Katsu hid behind the counter with Mirajane. Katsu could beat up Erza but he saw her when she was mad. It was not pretty not at all.

"Well look who's back from her job" Laxas said and Lettie smirked

"Come on Laxas did ya miss me?" Lettie said and Laxas pointed Erza's sword to Lettie's neck

"I'm guessing no" she said and Laxas nodded and what happened next. Lettie had her own sword in her hand and pointed to Laxas. He was shocked when she saw it and looked at Lettie.

"You should know this by now Lexas... the stronger I get the more magic I learn" Lettie said as she threw Fire and Ice at Laxas and Erza got in between it and absorbed it.

"STOP Y'ALL 2!!!!!!!" Erza said and Lettie scoffoled and so did Lexas. 

"Laxas stop trying to pick fight's with Lettie!" Marzela said and Gray and Natsu were shaking so bad at the Mad Erza, and Lettie walked off and so did Erza and Laxas just nodded in disagreement. 

"Katsu watch your attitude around Lettie, me and Erza" Marzela said and Katsu nodded in shock. Lucy just sat at the bar and shook her head and smiled a little bit

"Dragon Slayer Caos man... good to be in this guild" she said and Katsu sat by her

"They are Insane man... All the fighting and arguing" Snowy said and Katsu shushed him as he got him a drink. Lettie sat right by Katsu and got her a drink

"Mira I don't understand why Laxas hates me so much" Lettie said and Mirajane shrugs and Katsu looks at her

"Well by the way everyone looked when you and Marzela it seems y'all two are more scary than him, He is probablly upset that you two took the 'Strongest in the Guild' " Katsu said and Lettie nodded and smiled

"Thanks Katsu" Lettie said as she walks off with a big grin on her face as she walked pass Marzela and Gray and headed to Natsu. Katsu smiled as he got up and went to the task board. Lettie, Natsu, Marzela, Gray, Lucy, and Happy looked at the board and picked out the job worth 9 Million gold. 

"Holy Cow guys! With the 6 of us that's like a lot of money still... Lets see... Defeat the man in the dark Guild with the hair of white and eyes of a monster" Marzela said and Katsu looked at her then frowned. He walked off and Snowy was behind him.

"Kasai... When we meet again you will go down" Katsu thought to himself as he left the Guild and frowned

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